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Video:  Syracuse company featured on 'Shark Tank'

Syracuse company featured on 'Shark Tank'

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BrandYourself is an online management company improving people’s internet image by controlling what shows up in search engines. Read More >>

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Business Issues: Content Insider #383 - New Rules

Content Insider #383 - New Rules

With Hackers, Cybercriminals and Cyberterrorists, There's No Business as Usual

Security experts say there are two types of system/device users - computer, tablet, phone - those that have been hacked and those that don't know they've been hacked. Really a grim view of the world I'd say. It's not that bad but it doesn't take much for people to get creepy, bad stuff on their device that does mean, nasty stuff. Security isn't IT's business or your service provider's. It's like Smokey the Bear said - "only you can prevent forest fires" - and this fire can strip you of your complete identiy and more. There's no safe, secure security solution available except for good old caution and common sense.

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Video:  Google is Piloting Sponsored Results for App Searches

Google is Piloting Sponsored Results for App Searches

Google plans to pilot sponsored search results in Google Play in the next few weeks, offering a new way for app developers to promote themselves. Under the program, sponsored results will include an orange "ad" tag, like you see with paid search results online. Clicking on the ads will direct you to an app instead of a website, though. In the coming weeks, Google says a "limited set of users" will see the ads from some advertisers who are already running search ads for their apps.

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Video:  Photographer Shrinks Mulder and Scully in Miniature 'X-Files'

Photographer Shrinks Mulder and Scully in Miniature 'X-Files'

Even though The X-Files was a geek culture staple of the '90s , its riveting plots and peculiar characters seem like they were made for the Internet, especially when you shrink them down to miniature size. Los Angeles-based Digital Producer and X-Files fan Tori , who chose to keep her last name stay anonymous, took on her nerdy side project, a series of photos called The Miniature X-Files Office , after being inspired by an X-Files -themed art show. Tori told Mashable, "At first, I started making the scenes just as an excuse to take pictures of the office. But then I realized these little silly scenarios were just as much fun."

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Video:  Google Lures Businesses With New Android for Work Program

Google Lures Businesses With New Android for Work Program

Businesses: Google really wants your company using Android. The company is finally rolling out Android for Work, a new program that optimizes Android for large businesses and organizations, Google announced on Wednesday. First previewed last year during the Google I/O developer conference, the company's plan is for employees at a range of companies and organizations to be able to use a single Android device for both business and personal use, regardless of company IT policies. To enable this, the company built a series or new features into the Android operating system itself and partnered with a wide range of device and enterprise software companies.

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Feature: Use Google to Track Flu

Use Google to Track Flu

Cut down on sick time for your business with flu tracking.

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iOgrapher QuickFix for iPad Air2
If you're upgrading your iPad Air to the iPad Air 2, one of the things you may not h Read More
Fun now. Don`t have to wait for CES to end
Just for Fun Silly stuff at CES 2015 You know that there are bunch of products at CES 2015 that may not make it out in the real world, but are rea Read More
CES 2015: New Laptop
Laptops aren't really new, but Velocity Micro is introducing a series of laptops that are new u   Velocity Micro«, the premier builder of a Read More
CES 2015: Speaker VAMP
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Connect to any old speaker[/caption] This is really quite cool. áInstead of offering a simple new Read More
CES 2015: Wet Speakers
This Bluetooth 3.0 speaker has both extraordinary sound and is shower proof! Its tough rubber exterior and splash-resistant shell makes it perfect fo Read More

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