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Indie Films Shot Over Mobile

By FilmGirl from the Future As smartphones become more portable and their features are continually improved, many are now maximizing their handsets at work. In fact, even filmmakers, especially those who are just starting out in the industry, are using their mobile devices to create award-winning short films. Due to the continuing trend in mobile adoption at video production houses, many organizations have started recognizing individuals who excel in this category. One of the popular award ceremonies for filmmakers is the iPhone Film Festival (IFF) that is now into its fifth year of awarding film makers that use iPhones in shooting their movies. ...Read More »
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AJA Launches Summer of Savings Promotion for CION and Select Ki Pro Products

By none AJA Video Systems today launched the 'Summer of Savings' promotion, reducing pricing for the CION production camera, Ki Pro Quad, Ki Pro Mini and Ki Pro recorders. The price for CION is now $4995 US MSRP, which reflects a $4000 price reduction. Ki Pro Quad is now $2995 US MSRP, Ki Pro Mini is $1495 US MSRP, Ki Pro is $2495 US MSRP, and Ki Pro ND is $2295 US MSRP. AJA customers who purchased the CION production camera before May 26, 2015 will receive two AJA Pak 512 SSDs for free, directly from AJA (valued at $2495 MSRP). ...Read More »

Riassunto: Importante annuncio per tutti i 3,5 miliardi di appassionati di calcio! KAYAC sta per lanciare su scala mondiale “Pocket Footballer”, il suo nuovo titolo per il 2015!

By Clip Syndicate KAMAKURA, Giappone--(BUSINESS WIRE)--KAYAC Inc. (Sede centrale: Kamakura, Prefettura di Kanagawa, amministratore delegato e rappresentante: Daisuke Yanasawa, di seguito indicata come “KAYAC”) si accinge a lanciare su scala mondiale il suo nuovo titolo del 2015, “Pocket Footballer”, un gioco di ruolo cooperativo di carattere sportivo (per iOS e dispositivi Android). A questo scopo, mercoledì 13 maggio avrà inizio una campagna di pre-registrazione sul sito ufficiale (https://games.kayac.com/pf/en ...Read More »

Come Unite, 3.5 Billion Football Fans! KAYAC Will Release Its New Title, "Pocket Footballer", Worldwide in 2015!

By Clip Syndicate KAMAKURA, Japan--(BUSINESS WIRE)--KAYAC Inc. will release their new title, "Pocket Footballer" worldwide in 2015 (for iOS and Android devices). Accordingly, a pre-registration campaign will begin on the official site. ...Read More »

Resumen: ¡Únete a los 3.5000 millones de aficionados al fútbol! KAYAC lanzará su nuevo título, "Pocket Footballer", en todo el mundo en 2015

By Clip Syndicate KAMAKURA, Japón--(BUSINESS WIRE)--KAYAC Inc. (Sede central: Kamakura, Prefectura de Kanagawa, Director Representante CEO: Daisuke Yanasawa, en adelante "KAYAC") lanzará su nuevo título, "Pocket Footballer", un videojuego de rol (RPG en sus siglas en inglés) de deporte cooperativo en todo el mundo en 2015 (para dispositivos iOS y Android). Por este motivo, se ha lanzado una campaña de pre-registro que comenzará en el sitio oficial (https://games.kayac.com/pf/en/) a partir del 13 de mayo (miércol ...Read More »

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