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Hands On With Google's Nexus 9: This Lollipop Tastes Like An IPad

By Clip Syndicate You can taste the iPad influence in Google’s Nexus 9 tablet. Laying eyes on it for the first time, you’d be forgiven for thinking Apple made it. The slim bezel and the 4:3 aspect ratio screen are very iPad, but the display is slightly smaller — 8.9 inches to Apple’s 9.7. At 15 ounces , the Nexus 9 just as light as the iPad Air 2 . The metallic rim adds the iPad feel, but I noted one important difference: It's easier to hold the Nexus 9 in one hand.

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Apple Tells Developer To Kill IOS App Widget After The Company Promoted It

By Clip Syndicate Apple might have a new groove , but that doesn't mean the company doesn't still make head-scratching policy decisions regarding what functions and features iOS apps are allowed to have. Developer James Thomson shared on Twitter that his award winning, best-in-class calculator app for iOS, PCalc , will have to remove its new iOS 8 widget functionality in order to remain in the App Store. PCalc is a fully-featured scientific calculator app with tons of features.

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Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, A Worthy IPad Rival At 75% Of The Price

By Clip Syndicate At 13.2 ounces, the magnesium-alloy-bodied Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 is noticeably lighter than the aluminum iPad Air 2, which weighs in at just under a pound. The Kindle Fire HDX is actually a smaller tablet than the Air 2, which isn't too surprising given the iPad's larger screen. On a practical level, the weight and thickness differences don’t add up to much. ...Read More »

Apple Looks To Sell IPhone In Iran

By Clip Syndicate Apple Inc. is in preliminary contact with Iranian distributors about a possible entry into the country should Western sanctions ease sufficiently, people familiar with the matter said. A move into Iran for any Western company is still fraught with obstacles. ...Read More »

Code School Brings Its Instructional Videos For Developers To IOS

By Clip Syndicate Code School, the online learning destination that grew out of founder Gregg Pollack’s longtime efforts in creating and sharing technical content with a developer audience, has now made the leap to mobile. With the new iOS application, developers can watch Code School’s over 300 instructional videos covering JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Ruby, iOS and Git as well as other popular developer tools, like Chrome Dev Tools, for example. ...Read More »

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