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# 1 Stan Lee Gets His First Video Game Starring Role

By Clip Syndicate Legendary super-hero father Stan Lee is famous for his cameos. Now, he's getting his chance to play a starring role in Stan Lee's Hero Command , an upcoming mobile game for iOS and Android. Players pick one of three brand new superheroes in the brawler-style game, but of course the get their marching orders from Lee, whose likeness and voice appear in the game. Jeff Hardy, creative director of F84, said his studio specializes in making games with celebrity partnerships; previously his team released Survival Run with Bear Grylls . Lee did say he wished he could design his own character, but wasn't sure if he could make himself look enough like George Clooney.

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# 2 Twitter's 'while You were Away' Feature Expands to Android

By Clip Syndicate Twitter's new recap feature officially debuted on iOS a month ago, but now "while you were away" has arrived on Android devices. The feature moves away from the chronological format that Twitter has long relied on. Instead of displaying the most recent tweets, "while you were away" also displays the "top" tweets since the last time you've opened the app. It is based on an analysis of tweet engagement and users habits.

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# 3 Motion Capture x 3

By Ko Maruyama The aptly named iPi Soft upgrade now stands at version 3. It's not just the iteration that follows 2, but it captures up to 3 people at once. Using multiple cameras (up to 16 USB cameras or multiple Kinect 2 sensors), the software allows you to capture and edit motion data on your PC. Later, you can export the data to your favorite 3D software to use as animation data. ...Read More »

# 4 Apple Releases the New, Diverse Emoji's That Everyone Has Been Waiting for

By Clip Syndicate Apple is rolling out the new beta of OS X to developers — and, for the first time, the public has a close look at more diverse emoji. Apple has openly acknowledged that emoji lack racial diversity; even the ones that do represent people of color are often criticized as stereotypical. Now, it looks like the Cupertino company is finally making steps in the right direction. Right now, the new slew of emoji only show up on supported devices. ...Read More »

# 5 Martin Scorsese Voices New Apple Ad

By Clip Syndicate Apple has released its latest iPad Air 2 ad, just in time for Oscar Sunday. The commercial — which is set to air during the Academy Awards telecast on ABC — features voiceover by director Martin Scorsese and centers on young people using the Apple item to film themselves creating art. Scorsese says in he ad, "For your work, for your passion, every day is a rededication." People are shown shooting video of themselves dancing, painting and working on model airplanes. ...Read More »

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