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Video:  European Parliament Preparing to Call for Google Break-up

European Parliament Preparing to Call for Google Break-up

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The Financial Times on Friday cited a draft motion as saying the European Parliament is preparing to call for a break-up of Google Incorporated that would separate its search services from its other businesses. European regulators are increasingly concerned about Google's and other American companies' growing dominance of the Internet industry, and have sought ways to curb Google's perceived power. A public call for a break-up would be the most far-reaching action proposed. The FT cited the draft motion as saying, "Unbundling search engines from other commercial services” should be considered as a solution to Google's dominance.

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Business Issues: Content Insider #366 - Holiday Travel

Content Insider #366 - Holiday Travel

Surprising Shift to Mobile Shopping Will Improve Holiday Sales

Work is grinding to a halt around the office as everyone does their holiday shopping. Not on their computers because IT can track where people are surfing (not that they do) but with their BYODs (bring your own device). They can shop in the bathroom, boring meetings, while someone else drives home. It's going to be Thanksgiving eating/shopping at all the same time. Every retailer (WW) wants to be 1st in your pocket. Can't wait ultil next year's Labor Day BBQ/black friday. Of course then they'll just go into your mobile device, tell you what you purchased (and or whom) and make their mobile withdrawal. In the meantime I'm watching a show on our 4K UHD TV, daughter's iPad, wife's iPhone...all on the couch.

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Video:  Amazon Uses Snapchat to Send Exclusive Deals

Amazon Uses Snapchat to Send Exclusive Deals

Snap up these deals before they're gone in 10 seconds. Literally. Amazon, the world's largest online retailer by revenue, hopes to boost sales with a new take on social shopping -- using a Snapchat account to send gift ideas, recommendations and exclusive deals that disappear in seconds. The account also rolled out a new Instagram feed, along with early Black Friday deals. Consumers are buying more from their mobile devices, and Amazon is trying to tap into that trend by reaching out to social media followers.

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Video:  Apptopia’s New Service Is A “BuiltWith” For Apps

Apptopia’s New Service Is A “BuiltWith” For Apps

Web developers for a long time have used a site called BuiltWith to determine what technologies power top websites, including what hosts, analytics providers, shopping cart systems, and more run behind-the-scenes of top domains. Now app store data provider Apptopia is doing something similar for mobile applications, by looking at which software development kits are installed in nearly any application live now on the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

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Video:  Google, Hyundai Show Off New Third-party Android Auto Apps

Google, Hyundai Show Off New Third-party Android Auto Apps

Google takes another step toward the release of its in-car infotainment and app integration software with the announcement and release of an Android Auto API. This announcement means that developers can start adapting their apps for the dashboard today. Currently, the API only supports two categories of apps for Android Auto integration, but over a dozen third-party app developers are already onboard with working apps.

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Video:  Report: Facebook at Work Set to Do the Business Like LinkedIn

Report: Facebook at Work Set to Do the Business Like LinkedIn

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is known for his signature tee-shirts -- but he could be after the suit-and-tie crowd. For most of us, using Facebook at work means scrolling through the pictures of your friend's birthday party and getting in a couple of rounds of Farmville when you're meant to be working on the Henderson presentation. Facebook at Work would keep your drunken updates and embarrassing selfies away from your colleagues and professional contacts. But the world's biggest social network reportedly wants to make things more professional, taking on LinkedIn with Facebook at Work. According to the Financial Times, Facebook is developing a new site that features a similar newsfeed and groups to the current friends and family-based social network, but enables you to collaborate with colleagues and keep in touch with professional contacts. Your personal Facebook feed -- including potentially embarrassing photos, drunken posts and other personal stuff -- would be kept separate.

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