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Business Issues: Content Insider #416 - For Your Eyes Only

Content Insider #416 - For Your Eyes Only

Privacy and Security are Personal, Very Personal

Miles Weston

Imagine all the free things you use on the Internet - social media sites, apps, games, video, storage, whatever -- yes it's all there just for you. Ok maybe you and about 2.3B other folks on the planet but then you really enjoy your stuff don't you? Yep life is good.You've got your sitable, carryable, wearable, driveable, doable devices that keep you in touch with all of your stuff. Sure somewhere in the back of your mind you know people are gathering information about what you do, where you go, what you like/dislike but it's OK because it's just so they can serve you better. It's long as you don't think about it too long, too hard. Read More >>

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Feature: 4 Great Free VPN Options

4 Great Free VPN Options

Paid services generally offer better performance and features, but these four free Virtual Private Network services offer a good way to see how VPNs can work for you.

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Feature: Is The New Google Glass Right For Your Healthcare Business

Is The New Google Glass Right For Your Healthcare Business

Google is quietly distributing a new version of its Glass connected eyewear aimed at businesses in healthcare, amongst other industries.

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Business Issues: Content Insider #409 - Maybe Too Big

Content Insider #409 - Maybe Too Big

Changing the Way Businesses, Consumers Connect

The industry is busy pushing all of the conveniences and benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) but the real benefit - to them - is the IoD potential. IoD? It's the Internet of Data that is accumulated from all of your things so they can see what you're doing and determine how to sell you more things to make your life even better. All of the other data they capture is put somewhere because sometime they'll be able to use it for something you really want...someday.

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Feature: Create a Beautiful, Custom-Branded App Without a Programmer

Create a Beautiful, Custom-Branded App Without a Programmer

Software like FileMaker Pro 13 allows you to create simple, gorgeous database-backed apps with helpful templates and ample assistance.

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Feature: July 15, 2015

July 15, 2015

Small & Medium Business Cloud Computing Projections, Small Firms Lagging Big Business in Two-Speed Recovery, More Women Owning Small Businesses, Customer focus powers small business growth

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