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TMN List: 1-27-15

By Clip Syndicate Your iPhone is even smarter than you knew. Here are five little known tricks that can improve your phone's performance. ...Read More »

Microsoft Surface Sales Topped $1 Billion in December Quarter

By Clip Syndicate The Surface is now a billion-dollar quarterly business for Microsoft . Microsoft Surface revenue hit $1.1 billion in the December quarter, an increase of 24% year-over-year, driven by growing sales of the Surface Pro 3 and accessories, the company announced in its earnings report on Monday. It's a notable milestone for a product line that got off to a rough start. Upon the tablet's release in 2012, it received some scathing reviews, which compared it unfavorably with Apple's iPad. ...Read More »
New Release

Kollaborate with others

By Ko Maruyama As more project managers start to move to working with remote teams (even just across town), it's up to them to find the best way to review the work that each team member has completed. In our line of work, animation & video needs to get approved asap so final renders can start their long render process. Kollaborate offers a cloud solution for review and approval of audio and video projects. ...Read More »
White Paper

IP Routing -

By none At $12Bn a year the IP switch market is approximately 40 times bigger than the SDI router market. This scale drives an investment in R&D - with consequent rapid development and reduced costs - that is simply impossible in the broadcast business. Broadcasters can benefit from this economy of scale and high velocity development but only if they stay with mainstream equipment. Building specialist IP switches for broadcast is a bad idea - it cuts us off from the IT future. ...Read More »

How to Boost Your Vitamin D Intake in the Dead of Winter

By Clip Syndicate Feeling a little gray? Your body might be lacking some vital vitamin D. The majority of winter days are cold, dark and often plagued with freezing snow or rain — not the most inviting weather for being outdoors. As a result, the amounts of the sunshine vitamin in our bodies can fall to dangerous levels, affecting our overall health. Luckily there are a few small lifestyle changes you can take to boost your daily vitamin D. Even getting at least five minutes of pure sun exposure can boost vitamin D levels. Schedule a brisk midday walk to keep you warm when the sun is at its peak. For convenience, the app dminder, available for iOS and Android devices, tracks your vitamin D exposure. It provides the best times to be in the sun based on your body type, location and time, and warns when you should go inside to avoid sun damage. More serious options include light therapy, through which you bask in front of a powerful lamp that gives off light similar in composition to natural light.

 ...Read More »

blu-ray player
Electronics Compact HDMI 1.3b, 3D 5 x 1 Switcher (STB, Satellite Receiver, PlayStation 3, Blu-ray Disc Player, DVD Player, Camcorder, Xbox 360, PC, TV, Projector Compatible - 3 x HDMI Digital Audio/Video In, 2 x HDMI Digital Audio/Video In, 1 x)
By Calrad Electronics, start from $ 41.99
RCRN04GR Universal Remote Control (For TV, Satellite Box, Cable Box, DVD Player, VCR, Blu-ray Disc Player)
By Voxx Wheels, start from $ 9.83
VP3701 Xbox Universal Remote Control (TV, VCR, DVD Player, DVR, Music System, Satellite Box, Set-top Box, Blu-ray Disc Player, Xbox)
By Interlink Electronics, start from $ 20.03
IEEE 802.11n - Wi-Fi Adapter for Desktop Computer/TV/DVR/Gaming Console/Blu-ray Disc Player (RJ-45 - 300 Mbps - 2.48 GHz ISM - 1312.3 ft Outdoor Range - External)
By IOGEAR, start from $ 38.73
Electronics RCRN06GR Universal Remote Control (For TV, Satellite Box, Cable Box, DVD Player, Blu-ray Disc Player, VCR)
By Voxx Wheels, start from $ 11.39
The top 5 Blu-ray players eBook
By Michael Shaffer, start from $ 2.99

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