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Fleksy’s IOS 8 Keyboard Offers Plenty Of Customization And Solid Predictions

By Clip Syndicate Apple’s iOS 8 operating system unlocks a key system component, providing access to the software keyboard slot to third-party developers. Fleksy announced that it will launch today along with iOS 8. Fleksy’s keyboard for iOS 8 furthers the work the company has already done in its own dedicated app, and in its SDK for third-party developers, who previously could build the software into their own titles on a case-by-case basis. ...Read More »

U2 Itunes Controversy

By Clip Syndicate Iphone users are given the U2 album as a free download and many are upset with the automatic download. ...Read More »

Tech Trends- Computer Security 09-16-14

By Clip Syndicate the biggest shifts in technology, software and devices that affect our lives. two computer experts have discovered a way for strangers to get your personal information using a security hole that could leave you and your children vulnerable. jake tapper has the details. bryan seely and ben caudill say they've discovered one of the biggest potential security holes of the modern era. one that can leave your data and those of your kids exposed to any hacker willing to find it." "within a couple of minutes we found social security numbers, dates of birth, private student records, transcripts, and grades." seely and caudill are so-called ethical hackers ...using their computer skills for good... to identify vulnerabilities in applications and networks. "we take that information, privately disclose it to law enforcement, to the relevant parties and then work to get those issues remediated." this month, they found that a weakness in oracle's software -- that the company discovered in 2012 and provided a patch for -- still remains a huge vulnerability to any customer that missed or ignored that news. seely says at risk is the sensitive information from databases belonging to 20 government-related agencies, 100 schools k-12, and 50 institutions of higher learning, affecting hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, he says. "you could completely steal someone's identity and assume someone else, and take money out of their accounts, you could file legal documentation, you could take out business loans, the sky's the limit." they also easily accessed the records of the texas department of family and protective services. "that is a department that had records of parents, the children, the situation of the living environment of the child, things that the child had gone through. //it's a little rattling." in a statement to cnn, the department acknowledged not only that the records had been vulnerable, but that they were breached quote: "the database has been shut down, and testing so far has found a limited data breach affecting fewer than 30 individuals. anyone whose information was compromised is being notified and credit monitoring/identity restoration services will be provided at state expense." seely and caudill are working with the fbi to alert the dozens of organizations representing hundreds of thousands of files that are still vulnerable and help patch their security systems. in a statement to cnn, oracle said the issue was not because of a product defect, but because of the configuration of how the security checks could be disabled. the statement went on: "the patch that made the default setting secure -- quote-- "was issued as part of our regularly scheduled critical patch update customers know to apply every quarter. oracle notified all of our customers directly that they should apply patch." we have a major acquisition in the high-tech world to tell you about. microsoft will acquire the maker of the popular game minecraft for $2.5 billion. the tech company will buy mojang - a company based in sweden. minecraft is a game that lets users build in - and explore around - a virtual world. the title has been downloaded 100 million times on pcs alone since it was launched in 2009. it's the most popular game on xbox. and it's the top paid app for both the apple ios and google's android operating system in the u.s. we want to remind you to "like" the wdef ...Read More »

Apple Patents A Strange Physics-Based GUI For IPad File And Folder Manipulation

By Clip Syndicate Apple had an interesting patent granted to it today by the USPTO, which describes a graphic user interface on the iPad that more closely resembles a desktop arrangement of files and folders than the current app-based iOS UX. ...Read More »

Most Mobile Apps Will Fail Standard Security Tests, Gartner Says

By Clip Syndicate Market researcher Gartner predicts that 75 percent of mobile apps will fail the most basic of security tests next year. The market researcher said Sunday that in 2015, the majority of mobile applications -- whether in the Android, iOS or Windows Phone ecosystems -- will not have basic business-acceptable security protocols in place. This poses a serious problem for the enterprise, where bring-your-own-device options are commonplace. ...Read More »

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