Transboundary Commercial Robot, CES coayu Released the First Commercial Sweeping Robot

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On January 7 local time, the annual international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opened in Las Vegas. As the largest consumer technology industry event in the world, CES attracts thousands of manufacturers from all over the world to participate every year, becoming an important platform for the release of new products such as mobile digital products, automobiles and smart homes.

This year’s CES was worth seeing. In addition to 5G technology, driverless, blockchain and other hot trends, as an old player of CES, BONA robot launched its own brand coayu, and launched the world’s first commercial sweeping robot BLNE01, focusing on the eyes of many on-site technology giants and media people.

It is understood that the new commercial sweeping robot BLNE01 is equipped with the world’s first x-matching global navigation system . It can be applied to complex and diverse indoor business environment, such as strong and weak light, strong and weak texture, etc., with a mapping accuracy of 99.9%, In terms of duration endurance, the commercial sweeping robot has a built-in large capacity battery, which can complete the cleaning coverage of 1000 ㎡ once charged, meeting the cleaning requirements of most commercial spaces.

Compared with the ordinary household sweeping robot’s dust box of 400-500 ml, the capacity of the commercial sweeping robot’s dust box has increased by more than 12 times, and the 6L super large capacity dust box is extremely rare in the sweeping robot, which is more than enough to deal with the garbage in the commercial place. More intelligently, the user can reserve the robot cleaning time independently according to the site characteristics and cleaning needs. In addition, it also has the functions of low-power automatic recharge and breakpoint continuous cleaning, improving overall user experience.

Liu Tong, deputy general manager of BONA, said that most of the commercial cleaning robots on the market are bulky and cumbersome heavy equipment, which requires a lot of manpower for maintenance. The commercial cleaning industry is also facing problems such as rising labor costs. For example, the annual salary of cleaning personnel is about 60 thousand dollars per person. The operating costs have increased year by year, and the profit space of enterprises has been further compressed.

The advantages of coayu commercial sweeping robot are: first, its weight is lighter, small and light, it can be lifted easily by hand, and its simple design style enables it to be naturally fit into various business environment; second, it supports wireless remote control and mobile app control, no need for artificial intervention, it can realize intelligent cleaning, and reduce a lot of manpower for the enterprise cost. Third, higher cost performance. Compared with the high cost of manpower, the price of coayu commercial sweeping robot will greatly reduce the burden of the enterprise and save a lot of operating costs.

Different from the home scene, the complexity of the space structure and environment of the commercial scene makes its technical threshold much higher than the home sweeping robot. How to keep efficient cleaning in the commercial space, and ensure superior user experience, has been a major difficulty of the coayu commercial sweeping robot. For this reason, coayu has investigated thousands of business places and potential users, repeatedly verified the machines with the survey data, and gained a more comprehensive understanding of the commercial space.

At the same time, coayu commercial sweeping robot optimizes the cleaning system, achieves a new level of the industry in terms of actual suction, up to 30 times of ordinary household models, achieves a one-time cleaning rate of more than 90% and ensures low noise, which is a amazing indicator in the industry.

Looking around the sweeping robot industry in the market, there are only a few home sweeping robot enterprises that transboundary to the business scene. coayu is a rare brand with both home and commercial sweeping robot development and manufacturing experience.

Courage to cross-boundary commercial sweepers comes from our strength. BONA, the parent company of coayu, entered the field of sweeping robots in 2012. It has been deeply involved in the industry for 8 years, producing and developing sweeping robots for more than 60 brands in 45 countries and regions around the world. The company has obtained more than 140 authorized patents and applied for more than 300 domestic and foreign patents. With years of industry accumulation and independent innovation ability, coayu’s product line can achieve full coverage of household and commercial use, and its products range from traditional sweeping robots to window cleaning robots and even lawn mowers.

In the future, coayu will make full efforts in the field of intelligent cleaning, adhere to the needs of users, explore diverse functional requirements, and continue to provide a complete set of cleaning solutions for business scenarios and home environments.

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