Toshiba Launches Low Power Consumption Brushed DC Motor Driver IC with Popular Pin-assignment HSOP8 Package

America Electronic Components, Inc.
(“Toshiba”) has
launched “TB67H450FNG,” the latest addition to its line-up of brushed DC
motor driver ICs. The new product with a maximum rating of 50V/3.5A[1]
drives motors with a wide range of operating voltage. It also offers a
small HSOP8 surface mount package with a popular pin-assignment that
enhances the product sourcing possibility. Mass production starts today.

The new IC can drive brushed motors with a power supply ranging from
4.5V to 44V. It supports a wide range of applications that includes USB
powered, battery powered, and industrial 12-36V devices. TB67H450FNG
also has 3.5A current driving capability that can be used in
applications such as robot vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and other home
appliances actuators, office equipment, ATM machines, and many others.

To meet demand for lower power consumption, Toshiba has also optimized
the TB67H450FNG standby current consumption by newly developed power
supply circuit, which allows the stop mode moving to the standby mode
automatically and turns off VCC regulator for the internal circuit
operation. That helps OA equipment and home appliances to cut energy
consumption and improves the battery life of battery powered devices.

Housed in a small surface-mount type HSOP8 pin package, the IC achieves
space saving and yet good heat dissipation through the package thermal
pad design.

Key Features

  • Wide range of operating voltages: from 4.5V to 44V for large-current
    drive devices
  • Low standby current consumption: 1 μA (max) @VM=24V, Ta=25°C
  • Small 8-pin surface mount package HSOP8 with a popular pin assignment
    and with bottom side E-pad to enhance thermal dissipation.


Industrial equipment, including OA equipment and banking terminals; home
appliances, including robot vacuum cleaners; battery powered devices
(electronic locks and small household robots); and devices using 5V USB
power supplies

Main Specifications

Part number       TB67H450FNG
Supply voltage (operating range)       4.5V to 44V
Output voltage/current
(Absolute maximum rating)
Number of H-bridge channels       1ch
Motor to apply       DC Brushed motor
Output on-resistance (upper + lower)       0.6Ω (typ.)@VM=24V, Ta=25℃
Safety function       Over current detection, thermal shut down, and under voltage lockout
Package       HSOP8

(Size: 4.9mm×6.0mm)

Other features       Current consumption in standby mode: 1 μA or less

Constant-current control

(constant-current PWM control)

Support forward/reverse/stop control





[1] Actual driven motor current depends on the use environment and such
factors as ambient temperature and power supply voltage.

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