Start-up Kinetix Joins Forces With Adobe to Make AI-assisted 3D Animation More Accessible to All Content Creators

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kinetix, a deep tech start-up and AI-assisted 3D animation pioneer, is beefing up its library of 3D assets by joining forces with Adobe. Its unique no-code technology can be used to generate animated 3D characters automatically and instantaneously from a simple 2D video, and it is now being enhanced with an unprecedented selection of the software publisher’s Mixamo animations and characters. This collaboration is thus taking the French start-up a step closer towards its goal of making animated and instantaneous 3D accessible to the greatest number of creators, be they professionals or amateurs.


Kinetix is actively pursuing efforts to develop its platform with the aim of making the 3D format available to ever more creators. The start-up has thus teamed up with software industry giant Adobe by incorporating an unprecedented selection of Mixamo 3D animations and characters that can now be accessed directly in the Kinetix solution. Easier access to these new content creation tools will enable professional and amateur creators alike to produce even faster.

In practical terms, the collaboration enables Kinetix users to take customisation and creation to the next level when generating 3D animation. Without ever leaving the platform, users can develop and edit their animated 3D content in just a few clicks thanks to Kinetix’s AI and then enhance it easily and rapidly with the help of a vast and broad selection of Mixamo assets.


The collaboration therefore broadens Kinetix’s library of characters and animations, which means that more creators will have access to both simplified tools and a wide range of assets. It is part of Kinetix’s drive to move forward with its no-code approach, the aim being to make ever more advanced use of 3D character animation simpler and more accessible to as many creators as possible. Creators can now go even further when producing content such as films, virtual concerts and video games, without the need for motion capture or high-tech editing software.

Teaming up with Adobe takes Kinetix a step closer towards its goal of making animated and instantaneous 3D accessible to a wider audience and is part of its drive to rise to the new challenges within the 3D design and animation industry. The industry is larger and more vibrant than ever thanks to the rapidly increasing use of 3D, which in turn has been driven by the surge in the metaverse and gaming sector. As this universe continues to expand, so does the community surrounding it.

We are delighted to team up with Adobe so that our users can tap into a broad range of 3D avatars through our platform. This collaboration is recognition of the shrewd choices we have made as regards our technological solution and unique positioning. Our product approach to the market is a novel one as we cater to the whole spectrum of creators by offering them simplified tools that can be used in increasingly advanced 3D animation; this approach has caught the eye of one of the giants of the content creation industry, and the whole team can therefore be extremely proud of themselves”, explains Yassine Tahi, founder of Kinetix.

“The AI-based technology developed by Kinetix can generate 3D rich data from video input or from very little data. The scope of application in the coming years will be huge as data can be sourced from animation clips, dance movements, lyrics, acting performances and animations everywhere. YouTube and the internet are full of such data. Kinetix’s entire community of creators, be they 3D animation professionals or not, thus has an endless source of data to draw on.” concludes Sébastien Deguy, Vice-President, 3D & Immersive at Adobe.

About Kinetix

Kinetix has created a no-code platform allowing web3.0 & metaverse creators to transform any video into 3D animated avatars. Kinetix’s AI assisted platform allows 3D creation accessible to millions of creators around the world. With no coding skills you can now create your own animated avatar and transport into the Metaverse.

Founded in 2020 by Yassine Tahi and Henri Mirande, Kinetix is backed by Wilco, Station F and Agoranov. Our ambition is to become a web3.0 leader.


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