Sandia National Laboratories Tracks Hackers and Reverses the Cost of Cyber Crime with Data-Driven Cyber Defense Platform

Supported by Splunk, the HADES Program Captures, Monitors and
Analyzes Threats by Taking Action on Data

(NASDAQ: SPLK), delivering actions and outcomes from the world
of data, and Sandia National Laboratories, a national security lab of
the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration
(NNSA), are changing the dynamics of cyber warfare by automating threat
detection and response. In this case, the Sandia detective work is done
in conjunction with the underlying support structure provided by Splunk.

Sandia has launched the High-Fidelity Adaptive Deception & Emulation
System (HADES) program, which routes detected threats into a virtual
environment designed to emulate real-life networks. HADES enables
security analysts to profile adversary movements and automate responses
at machine speed, ultimately allowing Sandia to anticipate adversary
tactics, better protect networks and save time and money.

As a federally-funded, multi-mission U.S. National Nuclear Security
Administration research and development lab, Sandia develops, engineers
and tests the non-nuclear components of nuclear weapons, making it a
high-value target for cyber adversaries. HADES diverts adversaries with
continuously changing targets while offering defenders an undetectable
view of attacker movements. Splunk® Enterprise software takes
quick action on their data by identifying and analyzing criminal
behavior to activate countermeasures with confidence.

“The combined power of HADES using the Splunk Enterprise system enables
analysts to run real-time cyber operations that protect our operational
networks, while gaining information about the adversaries attempting to
penetrate programs,” said Vincent Urias, Distinguished Member of the
Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories. “As they move about,
attackers leave breadcrumbs revealing their steps and the tactics,
techniques and procedures that are valuable to prevent future attacks.
This one-of-a-kind program can be a model for federal agencies who are
struggling to attack and respond to cyber threats at machine speed.”

HADES maps relationships between all relevant parts of an IT ecosystem.
With high-precision timestamps, Sandia can sift through data from any
source to understand what adversaries are doing, then funnel that
intelligence to defenders in real, operational networks. As a result,
HADES can deceive, interact with and analyze adversaries in real-time.

“Sending adversaries on the cyber equivalent of a wild goose chase
forces bad actors to waste money, time and resources, making
cybercriminals incur sunk costs similar to those traditionally
experienced only by the defender,” said Frank Dimina, vice president of
public sector at Splunk. “Splunk is proud to work with dozens of federal
and civilian agencies such as Sandia to tackle their toughest IT,
security and IoT challenges head on with data.”

To date, HADES has used Splunk to help Sandia close the threat
intelligence gap, as the information gained from HADES is already being
redeployed to bolster national security and protection of federal

HADES has garnered acclaim for its highly impactful and important work.
Most recently, it was recognized with a Government Innovation Award
alongside other celebrated public sector IT disruptors, innovators and
emerging leaders.

For more information on how Sandia is using the Splunk platform to redefine
real-time cyber defense strategies
, visit the Splunk website.

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