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# 1 Gillmor Gang: Slight Of Hand

By Clip Syndicate The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, Dan Farber, John Taschek, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. The new big iPhone and its younger less bigger brother hit the streets, along with the iOS refresh that will link the shipping devices to a late October iPad update and next year’s iWatch. From the redwood forests to the upper West Side, to the early morning lines snaking through the streets, this phone was made for you and me and international export to China.

 ...Read More »

# 2 Don't Panic: Those IPhone 6 Carrier Trade-in Deals Are Still Available

By Clip Syndicate iPhone fans, you can still take advantage of carriers' hot deals, but see the new devices in person to ensure you're getting the right one, says CNET's Marguerite Reardon in this edition of Ask Maggie. All four of the big wireless operators want to keep their iPhone-loving existing subscribers, as well as win over some new ones. ...Read More »

# 3 Vegas Apple fans say iPhone 6 was worth the wait

By Clip Syndicate Apple fans are serious about their gadgets. That's why many have been waiting for days for the latest iPhone. On Friday morning customers were waiting in long lines outside of the Town Square Apple Store and they believe it was worth the wait. ...Read More »

# 4 iPhone 6 released today

By Clip Syndicate Loyal Apple lovers lined up for a chance to buy the new iPhone 6. ...Read More »

# 5 Man Camps Out to Get New iPhone

By Clip Syndicate Mike Dyatt was all smiles when he walked out of the Apple store in downtown San Luis Obispo. ...Read More »

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