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Power Your Worksite With a Remote Solar Power Kit By Keith Loria for America's Backbone Weekly When you need power but the conditions or location make it all but impossible, solar power could be the answer. ...Read More »
All Star Cast of Celebrities Sir Roger Moore, Ewan McGregor, Stephen Fry, and Dame Joan Collins Join Forces in New Educational Mobile App Project GivingTales By Clip Syndicate LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GivingTales is a new animated story app featuring fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen told by actors like Sir Roger Moore and Ewan McGregor now available for download on smartphones and tablets. ...Read More »
Tech Talk-Keyboard Apps By Clip Syndicate Easier texting ...Read More »
SuperMeetUp Set By Miles Weston The international SuperMeetUp is coming to San Jose, Ca in conjunction with FCPX as filmmakers and content production people meet on Apple's home turf. It will be a great educational and fun event for Final Cut Pro experts and soon to be experts. ...Read More »
Indie Films Shot Over Mobile By FilmGirl from the Future As smartphones become more portable and their features are continually improved, many are now maximizing their handsets at work. In fact, even filmmakers, especially those who are just starting out in the industry, are using their mobile devices to create award-winning short films. Due to the continuing trend in mobile adoption at video production houses, many organizations have started recognizing individuals who excel in this category. One of the popular award ceremonies for filmmakers is the iPhone Film Festival (IFF) that is now into its fifth year of awarding film makers that use iPhones in shooting their movies. ...Read More »
Tech Talk-Lock Screen Apps By Clip Syndicate Protect in Style ...Read More »
Cell Tower Proposal By Clip Syndicate new cellphone tower installation in talks ...Read More »
Sprint and Verizon Are Paying Up By Clip Syndicate If You Have Sprint Or Verizon As Your Cell Phone Provider...You Might Be Getting Some Extra Money...Find Out Why The Companies Are Paying Up Big Time ...Read More »
Smartphone streaming of boxing clash lands blow to copyright By Clip Syndicate Mobile apps Meerkat and Periscope, which allow users to live-stream video from their phones, have exploded in popularity since launching in March. But the technology is also dogged by piracy concerns. Duration: 02:18 ...Read More »
Consumer Reports: Can your car be hacked like a computer? By Clip Syndicate Some alarming news stories have recently asked whether the computers running your car be hacked just like your laptop or smartphone. Consumer Reports investigates to see whether you should be concerned. ...Read More »

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