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Amazon Exec: Fire Phone Was Overpriced By Clip Syndicate A top Amazon executive acknowledges that the company missed the boat with its Fire Phone and that the original price may be to blame. David Limp, Amazon's senior vice president of devices, has acknowledged that the Fire smartphone didn't match Amazon's lofty ideas and says the price of the device was "wrong."

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Samsung Says Microsoft Deal Invites 'charges Of Collusion': Filing By Clip Syndicate According to a court filing, Samsung said its collaboration with Microsoft on Windows phones raised antitrust problems once Microsoft completed its acquisition of Nokia's handset business. The filing late on Thursday stems from Microsoft's lawsuit accusing Samsung Electronics of breaching a business collaboration agreement. The lawsuit, filed earlier this year in a New York federal court, says South Korean smartphone company Samsung still owes $6.9 million in interest on more than $1 billion in patent royalties it delayed paying. Samsung, meanwhile, said the April Nokia acquisition violated its 2011 deal with Microsoft.

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Starbucks Will Offer Delivery Through Its App, And A 'Starbucks For Life' Contest By Clip Syndicate Starbucks said Thursday that it will offer a delivery option on its mobile app in select areas of the U.S. starting next year. The company declined to provide more details, but has been pushing to get people to use its app as a way to build customer loyalty. It also previously said it plans to let customers across the country place orders ahead of time on their smartphone by next year, an option intended to get people in and out of stores quicker. In addition, the chain will run a contest in December offering 10 lucky winners Starbucks for Life — although the prize is really just for 30 years .

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Sony Posts Hefty Loss By Clip Syndicate Sony Corp. reported a hefty net loss of 136.0 billion for the July-September period as it wrote down the 180 billion book value of its struggling smartphone business. The outcome was narrower the 148.06 billion loss forecast by analysts.

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Sony Writes Off $1.5B From Its Mobile Division As It Cuts Smartphone Sales Target Again By Clip Syndicate Sony replaced the head of its mobile division yesterday, and today its latest earnings report gave a clearer indication of why. Sony’s mobile unitincreased its revenuein the last quarter (its fiscal Q2 2014) by 1.2% to $2.83 billion, but the company wrote down the valuation of the business by a whopping $1.59 billion. Overall, the group reported a loss of $785 million despite notching a 7.2% increase in company-wide revenue, which came in at $17.45 billion.

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HTC Makes Slim Profit In 'challenging Quarter', But Better Than Last Year By Clip Syndicate What a difference a year makes. HTC had a better third quarter thanks to the HTC One M8 and Desire smartphones than last year's cruel summer. Reporting the numbers for the third quarter of the year, the Taiwanese company revealed a net profit after tax of $19m on a quarterly revenue of $1.38 billion between July and September. ...Read More »
Has Samsung Lost Its Grip To China? By Clip Syndicate The precipitous deterioration of Samsung Electronics mobile-phone business raises the question: Will Chinese companies soon rule the smartphone market? The world’s biggest smartphone maker by sales said Thursday that its third-quarter net profit dropped 49% as less-expensive handsets, chiefly from China, ate away at its business. A trio of market-tracking firms confirmed that the South Korean technology company is losing ground even faster than many analysts had predicted. ...Read More »
Nintendo Introducing Device To Improve Sleep By Clip Syndicate Nintendo Co. is hoping to revive its flagging fortunes with a better night’s sleep. With its console-videogame business facing growing challenges from free games played on smartphones, the Japanese company said Thursday that it was adding a new business line—health care—starting with a service next year that tracks users’ sleeping patterns. The service will track users’ shut-eye via a new, sensor-equipped device.

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In Glow Of Apple, NXP Pitches Tap-to-pay Technology To Car Makers By Clip Syndicate NXP Semiconductors is taking advantage of the recent excitement around Apple's new mobile payment system with the tap-to-pay technology built into the newest iPhones by pitching it to car makers. Apple's inclusion of near-field-communications, or NFC, in its latest smartphones and its Apple Pay system unveiled last month has given a long-awaited seal of approval to the technology. ...Read More »
“Google My Business” App Now Lets Business Owners Respond To Customer Reviews From Their Smartphone By Clip Syndicate Google is rolling out an update to its “Google My Business” mobile application designed to make it easier for business owners to view and respond to customer reviews…and, of course, complaints. ...Read More »

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