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Video: Video: The Modbook Pro X Turns Your Retina MacBook Pro Into A Graphics Tablet

Video: The Modbook Pro X Turns Your Retina MacBook Pro Into A Graphics Tablet

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Modbook has been making tablets out of Mac portables for years, combining the Apple computers with Wacom digitizers to let digital artists have all-in-one graphics-creating powerhouses that run full OS X software and come with ample pressure sensitivity. Now, the company’s latest effort incorporates the Retina MacBook Pro, and it’s turning to Kickstarter to fund this effort that should have artists drooling. The Modbook Pro has the Retina MacBook Pro’s 2,880 by 1,800 display, and is configurable with up to 32GB of RAM and 2TB of storage, and the base version ships with Apple’s newly-announced 2.8GHz quad-core processor model.

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Featured News: Soule Named President - OWC

Soule Named President - OWC

Jen Soule Appointed President of Other World Computing (OWC)

Today, OWC is pleased to announce the promotion of Jen Soulé to a newly created position as President of OWC, reporting to OWC Founder and CEO, Larry O'Connor. Jen will assume overall responsibilities for OWC which includes: establishing company goals and objectives, strategic development, expansion opportunities, performance management, public relations, budgeting, and guiding new technology innovation via products and services.

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New Release: Consumer Storage

Consumer Storage

Consumer Systems, Devices Need Local Storage to Protect, Serve

DDOS and cybercrime continues to plague large organizations and Cloud srorage services. The FMS panel said that personal storage is not only more reliable but also safer from prying eyes.

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Video: Video: Lenovo: Americans Don't Want Small Windows Tablets

Video: Lenovo: Americans Don't Want Small Windows Tablets

On the heels of drastic job cuts at Microsoft comes the news that the world's biggest PC vendor Lenovo will stop selling small-screen Windows tablets in the U.S. Lenovo confirmed the move Thursday in a statement to PC World, saying the 8.3-inch ThinkPad 8 and 8-inch Miix 2 would no longer be on store shelves, citing a lack of demand. The company will continue to offer the models in other regions, including Brazil, China and Japan, with remaining U.S. inventory directed to those countries.

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Video: Video: The LTE Verision Of Sony’s Ultra-Slim Xperia Z2 Tablet Hits Verizon Exclusively

Video: The LTE Verision Of Sony’s Ultra-Slim Xperia Z2 Tablet Hits Verizon Exclusively

The Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet is one of the best Android tablets on the market. It’s incredibly thin and waterproof, and the screen is stunning. Now it’s available in LTE, exclusively on Verizon for $599.99, although for a limited time it’ll be discounted to $499.99 when purchased with a new two-year activation. Verizon buyers will also get net six months of free service Sony’s Music Unlimited and six movie downloads.

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Video: Video: Tech Trends- Google Glasses 06-05-14

Video: Tech Trends- Google Glasses 06-05-14

now, tech trends. news you can use on the biggest shifts in technology, software and devices that affect our lives. google glass still hasn't officially launched yet.. but there is already a backlash. in fact.. a german company is releasing a product that can kick any glass wearer off your wi-fi hot spot. they call it "glass-hole." so when glass does officially launch will it be worth all the snark you will face for wearing it? let's find out from one earlier adopter in texas. when you buy a ticket, do people stare? nats: "arriving blue line ..." when you wait for the train -- nats: "that's wild, what is that like an ipod or something." do they give you this look? that's how michael stancil says he feels every time he boards the dart -- with his google glass. "most people just don't know what it is. so they are like ' what is that?'" stancil is one of the first people in dallas to have what's quickly becoming the most-talked about piece of new technology. the glass -- as wearers call it-- can do all the basic functions of a smartphone. the big difference is it's not in your hand. but on your face. "it's just a different way to see information and to share information." "so if you were to put them on -- this is what it would looks like. the screen is google semitransparent black screen appears right here -- just above your eye level. and with a tap of your finger on the side of glass , you can read an email, take a picture or a video, or even search the internet. it also was works off voice command so you can have your hand free. .... such as glass stop recording. "i think there are just moments that happen so fast that if you weren't able to to just tap it right here - you would miss it. by the time you take out your phone, it be gone." the one place -- stancil says he doesn't get weird looks is at his office in dallas. he works for buzzshift -- a digital strategy agency. here -- he's not the only who wears a computer. "i would much rather have this in my face in a conversation with somebody than constantly looking down at our phones." for these self-proclaimed techies -- the glass seems like the logical next step. but others say it's a step too far. "why would anyone want to wear glasses - a screen - that's in front of your face that's always on. who wants to be always on?" dr. janet johnson at the university of texas dallas has been studying the google glass. she says much of the criticism has to do with its steep price - 15-hundred dollars. as well as privacy concerns. "we don't know if you are video taping or not. we don't know if you are catching a moment that we don't want. we might be in public but we still want to be private." stancil says even some of his close friends don't like it when he wears his glass. so you'll catch him doing this a lot of this. stancil says he expected the backlash -- as well as the stares. "this might not be what we are all ready for - but this is the trial and error so we'll see." miranda lambert's new cd "platinum" came out tuesday... and to celebrate, we're giving away an autographed miranda lambert guitar! we have 12 chances to qualify. next friday, we'll put those 12 names on the prize wheel and spin it to see who wins. we've hidden two envelopes with qualifier cards somewhere in the chattanooga area. we've posted clues on our facebook page this morning to help you locate them. the second round of clues for the two cards are live right now! and -- here's a visual clue for the one of the cards... which may or may not help you determine its location. and here's a picture where the second card is hidden. we want to remind you to "like" the wdef news 12 the morning facebook page. just search for us on facebook to find us. when you do, you can converse with us in our question of the day. this morning we

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