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#1 Apple Sells 10M iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Pluses

By Clip Syndicate Did you stand in line to get a new iPhone 6 over the weekend? If so, you helped Apple set a new record. ...Read More »

#2 How To Find Your Drafts And Lists In Twitter's New IPhone App

By Clip Syndicate Twitter released an iOS 8 friendly update last week that included a new profile design and interactive notifications. But although the most noticeable change was the revamped profiles, many users are unhappy with parts of the update — largely because it changes the location of draft tweets and lists. The change users seem to be most confused by is drafts, whose new location in the iOS app is not immediately obvious.

 ...Read More »

#3 Local Business Benefit from Iphone 6 Release

By Clip Syndicate Everyone from local Apple service providers to stores that sell IPhone accessories have benefited from the release of the IPhone 6. ...Read More »

#4 IPhone 6 And 6 Plus Drop And Drown Tests Results Are In

By Clip Syndicate Millions of people are likely already fretting over their new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, picking out all manner of clunky cases to protect their new investment. But at least a handful of folks out there are torturing Apple's latest and greatest instead. After much waiting, anticipation and so many rumors, there's something darkly satisfying about deliberating dropping and drowning the final product while many people are still waiting to get their hands on one. ...Read More »

#5 Skype's IOS 8-Friendly Update Lets Callers Get Interactive

By Clip Syndicate Microsoft’s Skype messenger got a major update via Apple's iOS 8 today, which includes all-new interactive notifications. These take advantage of what Apple has made possible with its latest OS update. The new notifications in Skype let you respond to various activity directly from notices as they appear, including text-based messages, voice and video calls. Hate missing calls? Now you can simply swipe on the notification to call back or send a text reply. ...Read More »

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