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#1 How to Boost Your Vitamin D Intake in the Dead of Winter

By Clip Syndicate Feeling a little gray? Your body might be lacking some vital vitamin D. The majority of winter days are cold, dark and often plagued with freezing snow or rain — not the most inviting weather for being outdoors. As a result, the amounts of the sunshine vitamin in our bodies can fall to dangerous levels, affecting our overall health. Luckily there are a few small lifestyle changes you can take to boost your daily vitamin D. Even getting at least five minutes of pure sun exposure can boost vitamin D levels. Schedule a brisk midday walk to keep you warm when the sun is at its peak. For convenience, the app dminder, available for iOS and Android devices, tracks your vitamin D exposure. It provides the best times to be in the sun based on your body type, location and time, and warns when you should go inside to avoid sun damage. More serious options include light therapy, through which you bask in front of a powerful lamp that gives off light similar in composition to natural light.

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#2 Samsung Galaxy S6: What We Know so Far About the Upcoming Flagship [UPDATE]

By Clip Syndicate It's nearly time for Samsung to unveil the next iteration of its flagship smartphone. Coming off a shaky 2014 , the South Korean company has some work ahead of it to prove it's still the king of smartphones. Samsung has had a year to rethink its strategy for the Galaxy S6 and several months to develop a response to Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This year's three day Mobile World Congress event starts on 2 March, so it wouldn't be surprising to see an announcement around that time.

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#3 Miley Cyrus Takes a Topless Selfie Because She's Bored

By Clip Syndicate Admit it—we've all found ourselves in a situation where we're so bored that a little impromptu iPhone photo shoot sounds appealing. Miley Cyrus posted a topless selfie—but made sure the important parts were not visible—while posing on her pizza bed comforter. Miley followed up with yet another topless selfie photo, but this time the celeb is pretending to take a giant bite out of her pizza bed.

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#4 Twitter Really Doesn't Want Its Top Users to Share Instagram Links Anymore

By Clip Syndicate Twitter has a message for its top users: Stop sharing Instagram links. The social network sent out prompts Thursday to a batch of its high-profile users, nudging them not to tweet links to Instagram photos, and instead post photos directly through Twitter, according to a copy of the prompt obtained by Mashable. The prompt was sent out to a group of notable users in media, entertainment, sports and other categories, according to a source close to Twitter.

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#5 Patternodes for Mac

By Ko Maruyama PatterNodes for Mac gets a new version that is stronger and easier to use. Designing patterns is fun, and with several different applications for the Mac, it is easy to find one, but PatterNodes allows for simple nodal creation of seamless tiles using procedural or bitmap images as inputs. ...Read More »

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