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Samsungs Latest Tablet Innovation Is... A Hole?

04/10/14 Samsung has been sued by Apple several times over claims that the companys Galaxy tablets have stolen the iPads design identity. Back in 2011, one judge even illustrated how similar Samsungs slates were to the iPad. In a design patent application filed back in 2012 that was just made public earlier this week, Samsung sought to protect its “ornamental design for a tablet computer, as shown and described.” Two more images from Samsungs filing follow below. ...Read More »

Lenovo Announces Affordable Tab A Android Tablets

04/08/14 Consumers shopping for a low-cost Android tablet will soon have a few additional choices. Today, Lenovo announced three new, budget-minded Android tablets in the 7-inch Tab A7-50, 8-inch Tab A8 and 10-inch Tab A10. The three slates will launch in May for $129, $179 and $249 respectively. ...Read More »

Microsoft Says Windows Will Be Free On Phones, Small Tablets

04/02/14 Microsoft Corp said on Wednesday it would give away its Windows operating system to makers of smartphones and small tablets, as it seeks to grab a toehold in those fast-growing markets. Microsoft's move, announced at its annual developers conference in San Francisco, is an attempt to broaden the user base of mobile versions of Windows, in the hope that more customers will end up using Microsoft's cloud-based services such as Skype and Office. It comes a week after new Chief Executive Satya Nadella unveiled new versions of Word, PowerPoint and Excel applications for Apple Inc's iPad. ...Read More »
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Office For IPhone And Android Is Now Free

03/27/14 Along with a new version of Office for iPad, Microsoft made Office for iPhone and Android smartphones free today. You can now use Office for free, including editing, on every device except for the iPad, ironically, which requires an Office 365 subscription to unlock editing capabilities. There are free Office apps on Windows Phone, iPhone, Android and Windows RT devices, and for anyone on a regular PC, Office Offline is a decent solution. Microsofts goal is to arc people towards paying for Office 365. But at the same time, use of free Office apps leads to more use of OneDrive, which is another priority for the company. ...Read More »

NVIDIA Quadro, PNY, and RSA Cosmos Transport Brno Observatory/Planetarium Visitors to the End of the Galaxy

03/27/14 Modern observatories and planetariums are places of wonder and exploration, with facilities for professional astronomers as well as kids and adults of all ages. RSA Cosmos, a global leader in designing and installing planetarium multi-media systems, is constantly pushing technology to create ever-better immersive experiences for visitors and researchers alike. At the Brno Observatory and Planetarium in the Czech Republic, RSA Cosmos has created a multi-sensory planetarium experience involving synchronized high-resolution projectors, seats programmed to enhance the visual experience, and simulated travels to the outer reaches of the galaxy, as well as to the past or future. ...Read More »

MakerBot Starts Shipping The New Replicator And Taking Pre-Orders For Their Biggest 3D Printer Ever

03/11/14 Back at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, MakerBot announced their line of three new 3D printers: one small, one huge...and one thats about the same size as their previous models--albeit with a bunch of new tricks. You couldnt actually buy any of them, though. You could pre-order them, but it wasnt quite clear when youd actually get it. If you ordered one of those mid-sized models: Surprise! Theyve just started shipping. ...Read More »

Dish, Disney Deal Envisions Internet-delivered TV

03/10/14 With a string of recent deals, cable and satellite providers are beginning to acknowledge a brutal truth that companies like Hulu and Netflix have known all along: Many TV viewers, especially young ones, want shows and movies on their own terms. Dish Network took a big step toward such a future with a deal announced Monday with Disney. The agreement opens the way for the satellite TV service to live-stream Disney-owned channels like ESPN and ABC over the Internet to customers' smartphones, tablets, video game consoles and other devices. No start date has been announced, though Dish is expected to cut similar deals with other programmers as well. ...Read More »

What Your Handbag Says About You

03/08/14 Are you a free spirit? The queen of organization? Your bag might say more about your personality than you may think. ...Read More »

You Need To Update Your IPhone ASAP!

02/26/14 Listen up iPhone users! Youve gotta update your cell phones right now! Apple introduced a new software update this week for its iOS7 and iOS6 operating systems, but not because they have any cool new features for you. Its because of a serious security risk! A hole has been discovered in Apples mobile and desktop OSs that allows hackers to get into your iPhone, iPad, or computer via an unsecured Wi-Fi connection! The iOS fixes seem to patch up any potential problems but OS X Mavericks is still having issues, so users should stick to using Chrome or Firefox and not Safari for the time being! ...Read More »

Content Insider #325 - Video Everywhere

02/13/14 How many video links do you get a day? Five, 10, more? It used to be if you wanted to watch content you turned on your TV set. Today our kids have so many screen choices and so much video to watch that I've seen them watching TV, their iPads, their iPhone and Galaxy 4 (different preferences) while doing their homework on their ultralight notebooks. Me? I try to keep up with my emails and texts. Ancient man (and woman) told stories with pictures scrawled on cave walls so maybe we're regressing. Naw...you and I can still read so it's OK. ...Read More »

Microsoft Offers Free Lumia 520 Handset With An Xbox Music Pass

02/05/14 If you're pondering a new phone or Windows device, Microsoft is keen to help out at the moment. First of all, it's offering up to $250 of store credit for your well-kept smartphone or tablet, depending on the model. That trumps the $200 iPad trade-in from last year and would get you a deal on any product sold in participating store, and not just the Surface Pro 2 like last time. ...Read More »

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