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IOS 8.1 With Apple Pay Now Available, Here’s What Else It Brings To Your IPhone And IPad By Clip Syndicate Apple’s iOS 8.1 arrives today, and it brings with it some impressive new abilities. First and foremost, at least in terms of its long-term impact, is probably the introduction of Apple Pay, the new mobile payment solution built into iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. But 8.1 also offers the ability to send/receive texts and phone calls from your phone on your phone on your Mac, the return of “Camera Roll,” the public beta of iCloud Library and more.

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Apple Begins Taking Pre-Orders For IPad Air 2 And Mini 3 By Clip Syndicate Apple revealed new iPad models on Thursday, and they all go on sale starting today via Apple’s online store. According to Apple, today is just the beginning of pre-sales, with iPads officially shipping to pre-order customers and arriving in stores sometime “late next week.” Pricing for the new iPad mini, which is essentially the same as the existing model with Touch ID added and a new gold color option, starts at $399, while the iPad Air 2, with its full external and internal overhaul, begins at $499.

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IPad Air 2 And IPad Mini 3 Now Available For Preorder By Clip Syndicate Now that the dust has settled from Thursday's (not so magical) iPad event, Apple's latest iterations of the device — the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 — are now available for preorder at the Apple Store and online. The iPad Air 2 is Apple's thinnest tablet yet, and it's available in silver, space gray and — for the first time — gold. The new generation of the iPad Air also includes Touch ID, Apple's fingerprint sensor, and Apple Pay, albeit with more limited functionality than the payment platform has on smartphone devices. Shipping begins next week.

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New IPad Lets Users Swap Data Plans By Clip Syndicate The buzziest feature of the new iPads may have nothing to do with how thin it is or the resolution of the screen. With minimal trumpeting, Apple revealed in its promotional material that it will ship the devices with a built-in cellular SIM card that will allow users to buy wireless service la carte, on the spot. ATT, Sprint and T-Mobile have signed up to take part.

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First Impressions Of The IPad Air 2 By Clip Syndicate The public has come to expect every Apple product refresh will be thinner, lighter and have a better camera—and the iPad Air 2 that Apple unveiled on Thursday checks all those boxes. It also now includes the iPhone’s Touch ID sensor, which replaces passwords with your thumbprint.

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Apple's IPad Mini 3: The First Look By Clip Syndicate Apple added yet another option to its lineup of small tablets on Thursday in the form of a third-generation iPad mini. The new iPad mini 3 boasts a a 7.9-inch display and comes in silver, space gray and gold. While the latest iPad mini with retina display is faster and includes Touch ID, it's still running the same A7 chip as the previous mini, and is the exact same thickness as the last model. ...Read More »
IPad Air 2 Is Thinner Than A Pencil Partially Destroyed By A Laser By Clip Syndicate To call something "pencil-thin" is an old cliché, and Apple played on that last year by saying the iPad Air was as thin as a pencil. But now, the company wants you to know that its latest tablet is even thinner. During Thursday's keynote, Apple officially revealed the iPad Air 2. To showcase just how slender the new device is, Apple showed a video of a laser vaporizing the top third of a pencil lying on its side. ...Read More »
Apple Put Its Own SIM Card In IPad Air 2 And IPad Mini 3 By Clip Syndicate Apple snuck in a new piece of hardware in its just-unveiled iPads: the company's own SIM card. The iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 both include the Apple SIM, which is intended to offer more flexibility with carriers, and make it easier for users to stay connected while traveling. The new SIM lets users choose from any of the available short-term carrier options, apparently allowing them to jump from carrier to carrier at will. ...Read More »
How To Rewatch The Entire Apple IPad Air 2 Event By Clip Syndicate If you didn't have time to watch Apple 's big iPad event live (or if you didn't feel like opening Safari), don't fret. Apple posted its full keynote from Thursday's event, during which the company unveiled two new iPads. Among other things, Apple revealed a launch date for Apple Pay, the iPad mini 3 , a super-thin iPad Air 2 and an iMac with retina display .

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Apple Built A SIM Card That Lets You Switch Between AT&T, Sprint, And T-Mobile By Clip Syndicate Whoaaa — here’s an interesting bit that went unmentioned in today’s Apple announcement: Apple has seemingly built a SIM card that lets you swap between AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile without having to swap it out (or, more likely, track down/purchase a new SIM card when you want to switch carriers). Tucked into a page about the iPad Air 2’s wireless connectivity, Apple calls the new SIM, aptly, “Apple SIM”. As they describe it: The Apple SIM gives you the flexibility to choose from a variety of short-term plans from select carriers in the U.S. and UK right on your iPad.

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