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# 1 Samsung Trolls IPhone 6 Plus In Sarcastic New Ad

By Clip Syndicate By now, everyone knows that Apple recently unveiled the iPhone 6 Plus with a larger 5.5.-inch display — an announcement that has left rival Samsung majorly peeved . So peeved, in fact, that the company released an ad that throws serious shade at Apple and the tech experts who disparaged the Samsung Galaxy Note's large size. A Samsung making fun of Apple commercial followed by the Microsoft making fun of Apple commercial means Apple is doing something right.

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# 2 Why Doesn't Amazon Sell IPhones?

By Clip Syndicate Amazon sells virtually everything, but it has never offered the newest iPhones on its site, a testament to the complicated relationship it has with Apple. Apple is selling its new iPhones through every major retail site except one -- the biggest one. It seems strange that of all the sellers of consumer electronics, the world's most popular online retail site doesn't feature Apple's iPhone. The device-maker has deals set for all the other top retailer: Best Buy, Walmart, Target. ...Read More »

# 3 Apple's Big IPhones Are A Big Imitation, Samsung Says Subtly In New Ad

By Clip Syndicate Apple launched a couple of new, and rather larger, phones last week. Oddly, it seemed that the company's sudden embrace of size was like a bald man's sudden embrace of a horse-haired toupee. Samsung owners had, after all, enjoyed larger phones since the days when the iPhone was vertically challenged. Yet Apple acted on Tuesday as if size had somehow been one of its latest brainwaves. It's clear Samsung was pushed beyond peevification at this chutzpah. ...Read More »

# 4 Tim Cook: TV Is Stuck Back In The 1970s

By Clip Syndicate Apple is still very interested in your TV set. Just days after Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus phablet and revealed the Apple Watch, the company's first new product category entry in years, he's back on TV talking about Apple's continuing interest in yet another key consumer category: TVs. In a conversation with TV host Charlie Rose, which will air tonight on PBS, Cook said TV is [a category] we continue to have great interest in.

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# 5 26 U2 Albums Hit ITunes Top Albums Chart At Once After Apple Stunt

By Clip Syndicate U2's surprise free album on iTunes was ridiculed by some iPhone users for forcing its way onto their devices this week, but U2 is having the last laugh as the Apple stunt for the band's new Songs of Innocence inspired fans to purchase other U2 titles on iTunes. At one point Thursday afternoon, 26 U2 titles charted simultaneously on iTunes top 200 albums rankings, Apple and Interscope Records representatives confirmed to Mashable on Friday. ...Read More »

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