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Samsung To Build Vietnam TV, Appliance Factory By Clip Syndicate In its latest effort to capitalize on Vietnam's cheap labor costs, Samsung Electronics said it will invest $560 million to build a new plant in the country to make TVs and other home appliances. The new factory will be built in a high-tech park in Ho Chi Minh City. The South Korean company said in a statement, "The complex will be used for addressing mid- to long-term demand for consumer electronics globally, including emerging markets."

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Keyboard Apps Dominate The App Store’s Top Charts After IOS 8 Release By Clip Syndicate As the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus go on sale today, many consumers will be getting their hands on Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 8, for the first time. Users can now replace the default iOS keyboard with that of their own choosing, including apps from popular keyboard makers like SwiftKey and Swype. These keyboard apps are burning up the App Store’s Top Charts, currently accounting for the 2 out of the Top 5 Paid apps, as well as 3 of the Top 5 Free apps

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Apple, U2 Secretly Work On New Way To Buy Music By Clip Syndicate Apple's recent partnership with band U2 might not have won everyone over, but the parties are reportedly hoping that their next move will. In a wide-ranging interview with U2, the band confirmed to Time Magazine that it's working on a secret project with Apple to develop a new digital music format that would get people to buy more music -- including entire albums -- and in the process, boost revenue for struggling artists. ...Read More »
Requiem For An IPod Classic By Clip Syndicate Amid all the new products Apple introduced on Tuesday, the Cupertino giant also quietly but officially retired the iPod classic. This was more than a little ironic, considering U2's appearance alongside Tim Cook on with a splashy new Apple video called back to the iPod silhouettes campaign from the mid-2000s. Indeed, the U2 ad feels like a homage to what is still one of the most successful consumer electronics products ever. ...Read More »
Rage Against The Machine Rocker -- LANCE ARMSTRONG RULES ... Time To Forgive The Guy By Clip Syndicate Lance Armstrong has a pretty cool ally -- the bassist from Rage Against the Machine ... who's vouching that Armstrong still "rules" and says it's time for people to get over the P.E.D. scandal. TMZ Sports spoke with Tim Commerford -- who's gotten pretty serious about cycling over the years -- and he told us that Armstrong was his "pit crew guy" during a recent race in Colorado. As for Lance, he's taken a self deprecating approach in the hopes to change his image ... ...Read More »
Video: Kendall And Kylie Hold An Impromptu Photo Shoot By Clip Syndicate The Jenner sisters take advantage of their scenery by holding an impromptu photo shoot. ...Read More »
Video: Khloe Kardashian Celebrates her 30th Birthday By Clip Syndicate Khloe Kardashian celebrated her 30th birthday in New York and received a lavish car from her rumoured beau French Montana. ...Read More »
Video: Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez getting engaged? By Clip Syndicate Hollywood Life have reported that Justin Bieber is thinking about getting engaged to Selena Gomez. ...Read More »
Video: Reports: Spaghetti Western Star Eli Wallach Dies By Clip Syndicate U.S. actor Eli Wallach has died aged 98. Wallach appeared in movies such as How the West was Won , The Magnificent Seven and The Misfits . However, he is perhaps best known for the role of Tuco he played in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly — the spaghetti western directed by Italian Sergio Leone — where he acted alongside Clint Eastwood. In 2010 Wallach said "As an actor I've played more bandits, thieves, warlords, molesters and mafioso that you could shake a stick at."

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Video: Shia LaBeouf Was Arrested And Charged With Criminal Trespass, Harassment And Disorderly While Seeing Broadway's Cabaret By Clip Syndicate Needless to say, Shia LaBeouf didn't catch the midnight showing of Transformers: Age of Extinction . Instead, the 28-year-old Fury actor spent the night in jail after he was arrested and charged with criminal trespass, harassment and disorderly conduct earlier that evening. While seeing Broadway's Cabaret , he became disorderly during the show's first act. During intermission, LaBeouf was escorted out of Studio 54. ...Read More »

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