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Deleted Scene: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

04/15/14 The Blu-ray/DVD of Ben Stillers The Secret Life of Walter Mitty will be released Tuesday, and this deleted scene shows Stillers character having a fantasy as the manservant to Kristen Wiig. Courtesy Fox Home Entertainment ...Read More »

Spike Jonze Victorious In Movie Theft Lawsuit

04/03/14 Spike Jonze has emerged victorious in the lawsuit filed by 2 men who claim the famed director stole their screenplay by creating "Her." Screenwriters Sachin Gadh and Jonathan Sender sued Jonze , claiming he stole the concept for their screenplay "Belv," about a cell phone that comes to life and befriends a human. ...Read More »

Russell Crowe's Rare 80s Music Video

03/28/14 Thursday on "The Tonight Show," Russell Crowe stopped by to promote his new movie "Noah," but all Jimmy Fallon wanted to talk about was his early music career. Russell was in a totally 80s band called Roman Antix, and Jimmy showed him a clip of the video a black and white affair in which Russell pulls apart some blinds and sings through a window. Crowe said that the song sold about 500 copies, but that didn't keep him from sticking with a music career. They also discussed a brief period where he went by t ...Read More »
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Who Would We Cast in The Last of Us Movie? - Podcast Beyond

03/24/14 Do you go with the A-lister who everyone knows but might phone it in because it's a video game movie, or do you go with the unknown actor who is brilliant? Choices. ...Read More »

Veronica Mars Movie Pulls In $2 Million At Box Office

03/17/14 The Veronica Mars movie didn't exactly crash the box office, but the fan-funded film made it into the Top 10 , landing at No. 10 with $2 million. The movie, which was funded by fans via Kickstarter, revived the beloved cult-hit TV series that ran from 2004-2007 on UPN/The CW. The Veronica Mars movie also hit video on demand and services like iTunes and Amazon same day as its limited theatrical release in AMC cinemas. Warner Bros. was happy with the opening. Executive vice president of theatrical distribution at Warner Bros Jeff Goldstein said, "Our result starting with our Thursday fan events was $260K. You add that together with our weekend for a total of $2 million from 291 theaters? That's pretty significant," ...Read More »

April 26 2007: Comcast and movies on demand

03/13/14 Aline van Duyn looks at what the latest figures from Comcast say about the potential for pay-per-view movies ...Read More »

Italdesign Giugiaro at Geneva Auto show 2014

03/10/14 The conceptual reference for this type of car could be no other than an original sporting discipline, recent yet already popular and practised across the world. Parcour draws its inspiration from the discipline "invented" by David Belle in France in the 1980s which became famous across the world in recent years thanks to trends in media such as video games, action movies (just think of the opening sequence of 007 Casino Royale) and naturally the Internet, all media used by the younger generations, the ideal reference target for the Parcour. ...Read More »

Dish, Disney Deal Envisions Internet-delivered TV

03/10/14 With a string of recent deals, cable and satellite providers are beginning to acknowledge a brutal truth that companies like Hulu and Netflix have known all along: Many TV viewers, especially young ones, want shows and movies on their own terms. Dish Network took a big step toward such a future with a deal announced Monday with Disney. The agreement opens the way for the satellite TV service to live-stream Disney-owned channels like ESPN and ABC over the Internet to customers' smartphones, tablets, video game consoles and other devices. No start date has been announced, though Dish is expected to cut similar deals with other programmers as well. ...Read More »

Remembering the Original Console War - Game Scoop!

03/03/14 The recently-announced movie retelling of the SEGA vs. Nintendo war in the '90s sounds awesome. This clip originally appeared in Game Scoop! Episode 294. ...Read More »

News: Sony to Develop Console Wars Movie

02/24/14 Sony Pictures to tackle the story of Sega vs Nintendo back in the '90s. ...Read More »

Inside The 'Lego Movie' Premiere With Chris Pratt And Will Arnett

02/02/14 The vivid colors of Lego bricks brightened up Los Angeles Westwood neighborhood Saturday with the premiere of Warner Bros.’ The Lego Movie . Actors, agents and execs love weekend premieres to which they can bring their kids and the studio didn't disappoint. Warners took over a block of Broxton Avenue, creating an enclosed world with where young and old could play with Legos, get tattoos, and play video games, all while surrounded by Lego walls and giant-sized Lego statues of the characters from the movie. In-N-Out Burger was the food of choice and one of desert stations served up block of chocolate fudge with small Lego candy pieces as the topping. Chris Pratt (with Anna Faris), Will Arnett, and Charlie Day were among the voice talent who hit the after-party, though it was Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the directors and writers of the movie, that were receiving much of the attention. ...Read More »

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