Lifecell’s DO 1440 Strategy Transforms the Telecom Industry

ISTANBUL–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At Mobile World Congress 2019, Lifecell is getting ready to share its
achievements after announcing its new approach to the telecom sector
last year. Lifecell DO vision and 1440 strategy changed the direction of
the telecommunication industry by combining its telecom and OTT
abilities. The 1440 strategy increases the interaction a telecom
operator has with its customers to 1440 minutes in a day and provides
the best digital experience to customers with digital services.

As the first operator in the world to apply Lifecell’s 1440 strategy,
Turkcell (NYSE:TKC) (BIST:TCELL) has become the fastest growing operator
in the last 3 years with 49% bi-annual cumulative growth as of the end
of Q4 2018.

Lifecell Press Conference on Feb 27th at 8:30

Kaan Terzioglu, Lifecell Chairman, will host a press conference on
Wednesday Feb 27th, at Lifecell/Turkcell Booth. Terzioglu
emphasizes the need for digitalization for telecom operators and said:
“Telecom operators have 32 minutes of customer interaction daily, while
we started our journey to be with our customers 1440 minutes a day. We
have the most concise vision, DO: Digital Operator, and strategy: 1440.
Our digital operator vision allows us to offer digital services that
offer the best customer experience and our strategy enables us to be
with our customers for 1440 minutes in a day. Lifecell makes DO 1440
available to all operators around the world.”

Lifecell to Showcase in Innovation City Hall 4

Lifecell/Turkcell, which hosted its guests in one of the most impressive
booths of the Mobile World Congress in 2018, raises the bar this year.
At the congress that will take place between February 25-28 in
Barcelona, Turkcell/Lifecell will take place with its outstanding booth
in Innovation City 4 – in the hall reserved for the most innovative
companies that develop their own technologies. Lifecell’s immersive and
interactive demonstrations include:

  • How NB-IoT and 5G networks are supporting the autonomous control or
    ‘platooning’ of trucks across the Turkish/Greek border optimizing
    routes and driving efficiencies,
  • How the full range of digital operator capabilities from connectivity
    to data analytics-based prediction systems transform public hospitals
    and address the pain points in public healthcare systems,
  • How connected drones can help with search and rescue efforts in

Attendees will also have the opportunity to experience Lifecell’s
digital services and solutions at the booth; such as BiP, fizy, TV+,
Lifebox, Okudo, Co-pilot and Yaani.


Ali Karakaya
Turkcell Corporate Communications Manager
[email protected]
Turkcell Corporate Communications Expert
[email protected]

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