Karamba Security Expands its Autonomous Cybersecurity Technology to Protect Enterprise Edge, Industry 4.0 and IoT Smart Devices

Partnership with Wind River to accelerate market adoption of
embedded security solutions to prevent mass scale cyberattacks

, a world-leading provider of embedded cybersecurity for the
automotive industry, today announced that its autonomous security
solution is being used to protect connected devices and systems across a
broad spectrum of vertical markets facing similar large-scale
cybersecurity threats.

Following successful deployments of Karamba’s embedded, self-protecting
and auto-recovery software technology in the automotive industry —
including more than 32 engagements with car manufacturers and tier-1
automotive suppliers — manufacturers in other vertical markets have
sought out Karamba’s technological offering. Manufacturers of enterprise
edge devices, Industry 4.0 controllers and other connected systems have
engaged with Karamba, using its runtime integrity software to provide an
active hardening layer to their connected, massively deployed devices.

In a world where everything is connected – cars, factories, homes,
enterprise edge devices, to name a few – widespread attacks on connected
machines threaten to disrupt everyday life and put businesses at risk.
Connected system providers are required to offer secured devices to
protect their customers against brand damage, liability risks and
revenue loss that can result from large-scale cyberattacks.

“These attacks have a potential to disable transportation fleets,
disrupt national power grids or use in-home surveillance cameras to
violate privacy,” says Ami Dotan, Karamba Security co-founder and CEO.
“Connected system providers are working harder than ever to ensure that
their products are safe and secure. Embedding Karamba’s software into
their existing infrastructures offers a new level of protection against
hackers trying to exploit connected devices on a grand scale.”

In conjunction with this market expansion, Karamba also announced a
go-to-market partnership with embedded software firm Wind
to help automotive, aerospace, defense, industrial, medical
and network providers to automatically embed self-protection security in
their connected devices. With their successful collaboration for the
automotive industry, the two companies launched an initiative to expand
the use of built-in, embedded, runtime integrity in the connected
systems world.

“Karamba’s focus on protecting the runtime and software integrity in
critical applications makes them a natural Wind River partner to expand
our safe and secure product offering for customers across the markets we
serve,” said Michel Genard, vice president of product at Wind River.
“Cybersecurity is increasingly becoming a top priority across critical
infrastructure sectors where embedded protection against cyberattacks is
a must have. Together with Karamba, we are contributing to the evolution
of connected devices and systems with a preventative solution against
advanced attacks.”

Karamba’s technology automatically hardens the full image of the
connected system and prevents modification of the factory settings. The
embedded security is always on, assuring the software integrity during
runtime and preventing attackers from taking control of the connected
system. This way developers, providers, manufacturers and vendors can
offer products that are self-protected against cyberattacks.

“Connected devices of all types need protection for both their
functionality and their data,” said Steve Hoffenberg, a director at
industry analyst firm VDC Research. “Connectivity increases the number
of potential attack vectors, and hackers have dramatically improved
their attack skills. Device makers need to up their defensive game in
response, enabling devices to protect themselves without imposing
onerous constraints on legitimate users.”

“We quickly recognized that demand for our automated device hardening
technology applies to multiple markets and a myriad of products,” said
Ami Dotan. “The mandate for security is being driven by manufacturers,
suppliers and business users alike, and we are able to offer a proven,
production ready solution that is automated, pragmatic and simple.
Offering automatically embedded security to software defined products in
automotive, Industry 4.0, IoT and other products fit well with our
partnership with Wind River.”

About Karamba Security
Karamba Security provides
industry-leading embedded cybersecurity solutions for connected systems.
Product manufacturers in automotive, Industry 4.0, IoT, and enterprise
edge rely on Karamba’s automated runtime integrity software to
self-protect their products against Remote Code Execution (RCE)
cyberattacks with negligible performance impact. After 32 successful
engagements in automotive and other industries, product providers trust
Karamba’s award-winning solutions to increase their brand
competitiveness and protect their own customers against cyberthreats.

More information is available at www.karambasecurity.com
and follow us on Twitter @KarambaSecurity.


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