Intertek Issues First Cyber Assured Certification to Tasetmakers for Arcade Game, Illustrating Compliance with Cyber Assured Security Requirements

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Intertek, a Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, announces the first certification for its Cyber Assured Program, a cybersecurity testing and certification program providing continuous vulnerability monitoring for connected products. The certification has been granted to Tastemakers, LLC for its Arcade1Up NBA JAM™ video game machine with connected capabilities. The certification illustrates the game’s compliance with the Cyber Assured security requirements, and that it is covered by the Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring system, helping ensure the ongoing overall security of the product.

Intertek’s Cyber Assured Certification Program is the first of its kind, offering robust cybersecurity testing and certification, as well as continuous vulnerability monitoring. It enables manufacturers to assess products to meet security best practices and emerging regulatory requirements. Most importantly it clearly demonstrates to potential consumers, and the general public, the product’s high level of security, as the product carries the Intertek Cyber Assured Mark and is listed in the Cyber Assured online directory. This Arcade1Up NBA JAM certification is the result of rigorous assessment to a comprehensive test plan, and technical review of development processes. Regular re-testing, and the unique Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring system allow for the real time tracking of new cybersecurity risks that could affect the product, giving the intelligence needed to rapidly patch newly discovered vulnerabilities, helping ensure the product’s security over its entire life-cycle.

Tony Walker, Vice President at Intertek, stated: “We launched Cyber Assured with the goal of providing an end-to-end assurance solution that goes beyond testing to provide the ongoing monitoring need to help ensure security over a connected product’s entire lifecycle. We are thrilled to issue our first Cyber Assured certification and look forward to our continued efforts to work with customers to help bring consumers reliable, secure IoT-enabled products for today’s connected world.”

Scott Bachrach, CEO of Tastemakers, said: “Our products are constantly evolving and adapting to keep on trend with new upcoming technologies emerging in our industry. Thanks to Intertek and the evolution of the Cyber Assurance program, we feel confident that we will not only be able to keep up with these new tech trends in the industry but become a driving force in creating them. NBA Jam is only the beginning of what is still yet to come from Arcade1Up as we focus on enhancing at-home gaming with online technology.”

For more than 30 years, Intertek has been a leader in cybersecurity and cellular connectivity testing. Intertek’s Connected World business line provides the complete range of services needed to allow clients to launch effective, secure connected products. With 260 experts across 9 laboratories in North America, Europe and Asia, include 150 focused exclusively on cybersecurity, Intertek can meet the needs of clients from manufacturers of mobile devices and network equipment, to smart fridges and connected garage door openers, allowing them to seize the opportunities the IoT revolution brings. For more about Intertek’s Cyber Assured Certification Program:


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