Houston Schools Deploying IoT-Enabled Building Safety Platform to Improve Emergency Responses

An Insight Enterprises safe-spaces point solution developed for
BeSafe Technologies taps Microsoft Azure technology; provides accurate,
real-time information to first responders

TEMPE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The city of Houston will be the first to implement an Internet of Things
(IoT)-enabled platform called ActiveShield that redefines public safety.
Two Houston schools will pilot the IoT safe-spaces technology created by
Insight Enterprises (NASDAQ: NSIT), which integrates with a building
safety platform from BeSafe Technologies to facilitate critical,
real-time information sharing during a crisis.

ActiveShield leverages the power of Safe
Spaces developed by Insight
, part of a suite of customizable,
end-to-end smart spaces solutions developed by the Digital
team at Insight, a Fortune 500 global systems integrator
helping organizations of all sizes manage and transform their business.
Insight’s Safe Spaces solution addresses communication challenges during
emergency events where public safety is threatened, running safety
mechanisms like sound sensors and color-coded LED lighting through an
IoT-enabled response system. The real-time information sharing clearly
conveys the nature of an incident to first responders and people in the
vicinity of the impacted area.

“Knowledge is power, and our mission is to save lives by providing the
right information to the right people at the right time,” said Kevin
Harrington, chief executive officer of BeSafe Technologies. “What we see
with Insight Safe Spaces is the ability to use IoT to build on our core
capabilities to further improve public safety. This creates a
communication hub that instantly connects on-site security with police,
fire and other emergency responders, as well as building occupants.”

BeSafe, a provider of emergency response communication technology
between school administrators and first responders, is working with
Microsoft and the city of Houston to install the platform in two schools
within the Aldine Independent School District (AISD). BeSafe already has
equipped the schools with its core safety and security system, and the
IoT-enabled ActiveShield will be implemented next.

“Student and staff safety are a top priority. The partnership with the
city of Houston and Microsoft will take our efforts to the next level,”
said AISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney. The district
announced Friday that its application of the smart technology helped the
city of Houston win the Smart
Buildings Award
as part of the IDC Smart Cities North America Awards.

While Insight’s main focus for Safe Spaces is comprehensive, deeply
integrated safety deployments, ActiveShield offers a cost-effective
software-as-a-service solution for the broader market.

BeSafe was founded in 1999 with the simple goal of helping keep schools
safe for students and staff. Today, BeSafe’s award-winning emergency
response system distributes enhanced digital floorplans, points of
entry/exit, and emergency contact information to police, fire, SWAT and
other emergency teams. This provides a comprehensive view for first
responders who have limited knowledge of a given site to save precious
time during decision making.

The Safe Spaces solution from Insight integrates with BeSafe’s
ActiveShield to create an IoT platform that acts as the central hub for:

  • Capturing data transmitted from sensor-based technology – cameras,
    sound and motion sensors, etc. – integrated with third-party security
    solutions, providing them the ability to share real-time information
    and coordinate emergency response. For example, when sound sensors
    detect abnormal noises, an alert can be sent automatically to security
    personnel to assess the situation and immediately request assistance
    from law enforcement agencies
  • Panic buttons that a teacher or other school faculty can press to send
    an alert if they feel threatened
  • Color-coded smart lights that automatically illuminate to warn of an
    emergency based on proximity to the possible danger and help people
    identify safe zones
  • Real-time communication to on-site security and emergency services,
    with different alerts or action plans based on the information being
    shared with the central system
  • Direct lines of communication for people involved in the crisis via a
    navigation-based mobile app to provide updates and safety instructions
    in real time

“Insight Safe Spaces harnesses the power of Microsoft Azure IoT solution
accelerators and other partner products into meaningful go-to-market
solutions that can be developed and fully managed by Insight as
standalone offerings or integrated into an existing safety system —
opening new doors to enhanced public safety,” said Stan Lequin, vice
president and general manager, Insight Digital Innovation. “Insight is
helping BeSafe expand its foundation of advanced building information
technology, transforming these capabilities into interactive action
plans that give emergency responders a critical advantage when every
second saved potentially means a life saved.”

Rodney Clark, vice president, IoT Sales, Microsoft, added: “ActiveShield
is built on an open-source safety notification IoT
solution accelerator
, jointly developed by Insight and Microsoft, to
help partners like BeSafe expedite development of secure, differentiated
solutions and accelerate time to value. AISD’s piloting ActiveShield, to
keep their schools safe and students learning, demonstrates the
transformative impact that can be realized through IoT.”

As the 2018 Microsoft Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Partner of the
Year, Insight’s deep expertise in the Internet
of Things
and data
puts people at the heart of creating relevant, connected
experiences. For more information on Insight’s Safe Spaces, visit Insight
Digital Innovation solutions
or contact Insight at [email protected]
or 800-INSIGHT.

For more information on ActiveShield, visit www.BeSafe.net
to request an online demo.

About BeSafe Technologies

BeSafe Technologies provides first responders with advanced information
about a facility’s physical layout, surroundings, and access points
before arriving at a location, thus enabling responders to expedite
their intervention. The information is made instantly available to
emergency response agencies and allows first responders to know the
exterior surroundings of the property, access routes, and a view of all
entrance and escape points. BeSafe’s systems are currently implemented
in over 2,500 end user sites, including more than 150 school districts
and colleges across 10 states, and numerous hospitals, law enforcement
agencies and municipal facilities. For more information on BeSafe
Technologies, please visit www.BeSafe.net
call toll free (866) 216-5649.

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