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Galaxy S5 Has Stronger Launch Than IPhone 5s (Report)

By Grab Media, a blinkx company The release of a new Samsung Galaxy phone might not generate the same hype and fanfare as an iPhone launch, but some new stats suggest otherwise. According to a sales report from retail data company iQmetrix, the Galaxy S5 had a stronger opening launch weekend than Apple's iPhone 5s. ...Read More »

Have We Already Reached Peak IPad?

By Grab Media, a blinkx company Apples latest earnings report was mostly good news for the company, but there was one potentially dark cloud: iPad sales. On the quarter, Apple sold 16.35 million iPads, which was below the consensus estimate of 19.7 million units sold . If theres any good news for the iPad in this, its that the year-over-year sales drop isnt as bad as it first looks. Analyst Jan Dawson points out that the “real year-over-year sell-through decline in iPad was just 3% vs. 16% sell-in decline.” ...Read More »

ITunes Now Has Nearly 800 Million Accounts, Most With Credit Cards Attached

By Grab Media, a blinkx company In June of last year, Apple announced that over 575 million accounts had been created for iTunes. Just 10 months later, theyve grown that number by nearly fourty percent. On the Apple earnings call today, Tim Cook announced that they were just about to surpass their 800 millionth iTunes account. The crazy part? The vast majority of those accounts have credit cards attached to them. Thats nearly 800 million accounts with one-click purchase access on things like the App Store. ...Read More »

Apple Expands Buybacks By $30 Billion, OKs Seven-for-one Stock Split

By Grab Media, a blinkx company Apple Inc has approved another $30 billion in share buybacks till the end of 2015 and authorized a rarely seen seven-for-one stock split, addressing calls to share more of its cash hoard while broadening the stock's appeal to individual investors. On Wednesday, Apple reported a 4.6 percent rise in March-quarter revenue to $45.6 billion, beating Wall Street's projections after selling a sharply higher than expected 43.72 million iPhones. ...Read More »

Apple Slammed For Buggy IOS 7.1 Release That Left Users Vulnerable To Major Hacks For Weeks

By Grab Media, a blinkx company We know that Apple released iOS 7.1.1 earlier this week to fix a wide range of bugs and it turns out those bugs might be much more serious than we realized. Ars Technica reports that Kristin Paget, a former Apple whitehat hacker who now works for Tesla, has been ripping into her former employer for allegedly leaving its users wide open to some potentially serious hacks in the weeks between the releases of iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1. ...Read More »

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