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Feature: CES 2017

CES 2017

50 years of automotive and TV innovation

Dr. Neale Foster, COO and VP Sales, ACCESS Europe

The Consumer Electronics Show is turning 50 in 2017, giving us an opportunity to look back on how the automotive and video worlds have evolved. Younger readers might not remember it, but in the 1970s, watching TV was a lot less diverse than today. Germany was divided with radically different TV cultures and the rest of Europe consisted almost entirely of public broadcasters, with British TV airing just three channels. Today, consumers can access channels from a number of sources (cable, IP, Over-The-Top, satellite, terrestrial) and across a wide range of topics. In addition, the rise of new video sources like YouTube and the move that social media platforms are turning into smaller scale broadcasters is providing viewers with access to even more content. This has led to the requirement for quality Electronic Programme Guides and search engine, as well as a need for better user experience solutions. Read More >>

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Samsung product overview

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Business Issues: Content Insider #438 - Seen, Unseen

Content Insider #438 - Seen, Unseen

More Devices Just Means More, Not Better Ads

You'd think now that we're checking news, information, content on every device we use - and remember we average five - we'd have more "opportunities" to see more real good/great ads. Sorry to disappoint you most of the ads are still the same...easily overlooked, forgotten. For the right price you can put your ad anywhere it seems. Now folks are getting creative and making the ads native - that's ad talk for it looks like editorial. Of course that doesn't mean you'll see it, recognize it, believe it but ad folks hope you will.

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Feature: New SmartTVs Could Open the Door to Hackers

New SmartTVs Could Open the Door to Hackers

TVs are one of the hottest selling items for consumers during the holidays and more than 90% of them will be connected to the internet by 2016. SmartTVs are a great gift, but consumers should be aware that connecting a new SmartTV to a home network may open the doors for hackers. Hacking a smart TV doesn't sound too terrible to most consumers, but attackers can use a successful SmartTV attack to gain access to all the devices on your home network; this can include access to financial data on personal computers as well as other confidential information. Smart TV attacks are relatively easy to implement, and they affect businesses as well as consumers. Gaining access to a corporate network through a smart TV can provide access to a wide range of corporate data.

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