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IPad Had First Full Year of Decline in 2014 By Clip Syndicate The tablet market may be in even worse shape than we thought. When the dust has settled, 2014 is expected to be the first full year iPad shipments have declined each quarter. That's according to a new report from research firm IDC. The drop in sales is part of a larger trend that IDC describes as a "massive deceleration" in the worldwide tablet market. ...Read More »
Tough Year for Tablet Sales, not as Bad as Thought for PCs By Clip Syndicate In 2014, growth in global tablet shipments is taking a steep dive, as consumers upgrade less often than expected. PC shipments, on the other hand, are enjoying a brief easing of their decline. Research group IDC says Apple's iPad will see its first full year of a decline in shipments in 2014. This year will prove to be a sobering one for tablet makers accustomed to effervescent growth worldwide, but it'll be a little less painful than expected for PC makers and their declining shipments.

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Target's Best Black Friday Deals By Clip Syndicate Target's offering some pretty sweet deals on cameras, tablets and TVs this Black Friday. Mashable rounded up the most dramatic discounts to help save you money in the depths of your turkey coma. You can save a whopping $600 on a high-end Nikon SLR camera, and capture the holiday season with stunning high-resolution photos. Or hum along to Jingle Bell Rock with new Able Planet headphones, reduced by $100. Scared of getting trampled by a horde of discount shoppers? Fret not. ...Read More »
Google is Enhancing Mobile Search Results for Easier Holiday Shopping By Clip Syndicate Happy holidays, mobile users. Google updated its search engine on Sunday to include fancier functions for smartphones and tablets that make your Christmas shopping easier. In time for Black Friday , your shopping on mobile devices will yield some extra information, like where the product is available and user reviews, at the top of Google 's interface. You don't have to use Google's "shopping" tab, either. The details will pop up on a regular search. You'll also have the option to use a 3D, 360-degree rotation tool to view some products.

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As Liberian Schools Remain Closed, Tablets Could Become Digital Classroom By Clip Syndicate Schools in Liberia have been closed since July as the country has confronted a deadly Ebola outbreak that, so far, has killed nearly 3,000 people. With 1.4 million school-aged children currently without access to education, tech developer Rumie is hoping to help kids continue their schooling by sending 200 low-cost tablets to Liberia. It's a relatively small number. But the people behind the Rumie Initiative believe that those 200 tablets could help as many as 2,000 people. ...Read More »
Amazon Starts Shipping The Fire TV Stick, Its “Fastest Selling” Hardware Yet By Clip Syndicate Amazon announced this morning that its Chromecast competitor called the Fire TV Stick, which the company also revealed is the “fastest-selling Amazon device ever,” is now shipping to customers on a first-come, first-serve basis. The dongle’s immediately popularity likely came from the introductory price Amazon offered its Prime subscribers. The company sold it for only $19 for the first few days of its availability. Normally, the device will retail for $39. ...Read More »
How China Is Disrupting The Mobile And CE Markets By Clip Syndicate Anyone in the tech industry has heard of Xiaomi and OnePlus by now. Xiaomi has surpassed both Apple and Samsung as the No. 1 smartphone in China, and OnePlus this month announced U.S. pre-orders for its ultra-low-cost, high-quality smartphone OnePlus One, which is winning rave reviews. But there are thousands more phones, tablets, smartwatches, wearables and accessories coming from China into the U.S. market. ...Read More »
Logitech’s New AnyAngle iPad Case Gives It A Surface-Style Kickstand By Clip Syndicate Logitech is slowly but surely turning the iPad into a Microsoft Surface, which is good news for those who envy some of the Windows device’s productivity features, but not its software or overall form factor. The new Logitech Keys-To-Go feels a lot like the keyboard included in the Microsoft Type Cover, and now there’s a stand/case called the AnyAngle that essentially mimics the Surface’s variable inclination kickstand. ...Read More »
Nokia's N1 Android Tablet is a Dead Ringer for the iPad Mini By Clip Syndicate This may come as a surprise, but Nokia is still producing hardware. The company sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft in 2013, but it still has its technologies division (the first product from there was the Z Launcher, a home screen launcher for Android devices). Now, post-Microsoft Nokia has launched its first hardware product: The Nokia N1, an Android tablet that looks almost exactly like the iPad mini. ...Read More »
Logitech Keys-To-Go: Finally, An iPad Keyboard That You Can Use Long-Term By Clip Syndicate Logitech has been building iPad keyboards for years – they were among the first to recognize the value of doing so, in fact. But for all their experience, and various iterations of the concept of the keyboard case, the company may have got it most right with a remarkably simple design introduced just this past month with the new Keys-To-Go Bluetooth wireless keyboard. ...Read More »

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