GigNet Enters Into Alliance With AMPI Cancun – Major Chapter of Mexico’s National Association of Real Estate Professionals

Agreement Strengthens GigNet’s Relationship with the Certified Real Estate Community

CANCUN, Mexico–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Broadband–GigNet, a Digital Transformation company that provides high-speed broadband and advanced value-added services to enterprise clients and residential communities based on its extensive fiber-optic network from Cancun to Tulum, announced today that it has entered into an Alliance Agreement with the Cancun Chapter of AMPI. Founded in 1956 by Mr. Luis Arce, AMPI is the Mexican National Association of Real Estate Professionals including developers, consultants, financing advisors, promoters, administrators, and appraisers. Nationwide, AMPI has 18 regions, more than 90 sections and close to 6,500 associates throughout Mexico. The Cancun Chapter, organized in 1979, was the first organized civil society in the area and has since grown to over 180 members.

The Alliance Agreement was signed at the AMPI Cancun Chapter’s Monthly Assembly in Puerto Cancun on March 23, 2023. At the Assembly, GigNet presented general information on its development of a new fiber-optic network in the Cancun region, GigNet’s robust Service Delivery Platform, and the opportunity for real estate professionals to participate with GigNet in extending the advantages of secure-high speed Internet access for developers and residents. GigNet also presented its “Silicon Maya” initiative for the digital transformation of the region.

The objective of the Alliance Agreement is to build a direct communication channel with AMPI members such as real estate developers and brokers to stay at the forefront of technology for smart homes and smart communities – which are increasingly dependent on fiber-optics as the number of connected devices in residences increases each year. GigNet is the leading provider of digital infrastructure in the Mexican Caribbean and also provides value-added services such as cybersecurity, facial recognition and biometrics, Internet of Things (IoT), and video content services. Real estate professionals are at the leading edge of facilitating a ”connected life” for their clients, and GigNet believes it is the best partner for AMPI members.

As the number of devices grow, so do the demands for speed and reliability in the home for entertainment, streaming, social media, e-commerce, gaming, online learning, and remote work. GigNet’s network in the Cancun region consistently scores high on international measurement platforms such as nPerf, outperforming competitors in the region for achieving excellence in all areas of the application for upload and download speeds for browsing, streaming, etc.

At the Assembly and in a subsequent press conference, Mark Carney, OBE and President of GigNet Mexico, presented a program specifically for real estate professionals to be part of GigNet’s “Silicon Maya” vision for the state of Quintana Roo. GigNet believes that its installation of high-speed broadband throughout the region has created the foundation for a new “Silicon Valley” on the Yucatan Peninsula.

The appeal of the region for visitors is undeniable as the Cancun International Airport set new records in 2022 including 30 million annual passengers. The region is now experiencing incredible residential growth, served extensively by GigNet’s fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) services. Access to high-speed Internet has been shown to increase economic development and growth, and the stage is set for more businesses to also relocate to the Mexican Caribbean. The potential impact on real estate development – both commercial and residential – will be massive as the region can now attract technology-oriented investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs from around the world. For more information, see GigNet – Silicon Maya.

Mark Carney, OBE and President of GigNet Mexico commented, “One of the most important elements to make this vision possible is access to reliable high-speed Internet, until recently the missing piece in the Mexican Caribbean. GigNet has solved this by creating the first dedicated fiber-optic network in the region, making possible all the tools required for business on an international scale. Cancun’s first 50 years were a tremendous success story as a leader in the global tourism industry – I know this first hand. I am now honored to be playing a key role with GigNet in the future of Quintana Roo as the best destination not only to visit, but to invest, create, live, and work.”


GigNet is the Mexican Caribbean brand of GigNet, Inc., a U.S. based international Digital Transformation company specializing in Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) services for Smart Homes and Smart Communities, and Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) value-added services for enterprise customers including hotels, resorts, retailers, offices, large commercial operations, governmental offices, and medical and educational facilities, as well as fiber-optic transport services for mobile phone operators and carriers. Through its Mexico operating subsidiaries, GigNet, S.A. de C.V., and Sanalto Redes Peninsular, S.A.P.I. de C.V., the Company is a fully licensed telecommunications provider in Mexico. GigNet is actively adding clients and additional products and services in the Mexican Caribbean, one of the largest and fastest growing tourism and new residential development destinations in the world with over 30 million annual airport passengers achieved in 2022. GigNet is a leader in the Digital Transformation of the region.


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