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#1 iPhone thief posts selfies to victim's Facebook

By Clip Syndicate An iPhone thief's love for the selfie may lead to her downfall. ...Read More »

#2 Tech Talk-Tech News

By Clip Syndicate iPad woes? And no to the Apple watch ...Read More »
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#3 Grading Martian Landscapes with DaVinci Resolve

By none Creating a cinematic opening scene for a video game is incredibly hard to do well. You have a couple of minutes to tell a dramatic story that will capture and bring the gamer into a new world, as well as set up the background story and emotions for the countless hours of gameplay about to happen. And for game makers, the opening cinematic has to separate you from the hundreds of other games out there. ...Read More »
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#4 Grace Fellowship's A/V Grows from Humble Beginnings to the Future

By none Based in York, PA, Grace Fellowship is a church with very humble beginnings. What started around a dining room table in 1989 has now grown into a thriving community of approximately 1,400. While Grace Fellowship has continued to grow in numbers, it has also grown in depth, and central to the church's growth has been helping people around the world to love and pursue God deeply. The ministry has a global reach through its innovative use of video and audio, and Michael Anthony's teaching ministry at Grace Fellowship and through Godfactor are key reasons why the church chose Blackmagic Design to upgrade its A/V equipment. ...Read More »

#5 Apple announces new smartwatch

By Clip Syndicate In technology matters, Apple is gearing up for its first new product launch since the iPad five years ago. ...Read More »

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