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ESRB Celebrates 20 Years of Rating Video Games and Apps By Clip Syndicate NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ESRB Celebrates 20 Years of Rating Video Games and Apps ...Read More »
Minecraft And Microsoft: What Now? By Clip Syndicate If you want to understand why Minecraft-maker Mojang is being bought by Microsoft, just play the game. The single-player version is about a lone individual surviving in a harsh world with only their ingenuity to keep them safe. Their very survival depends on them building a home and battling monsters employing only tools and weapons they make with their hands. If computer games were subject to the same analysis applied to novels it would be easy to read this as a metaphor for the life of Markus "Notch" Persson, the game's creator. . He's talked in the past about growing up "relatively poor", about making his own entertainment, and about whether he will have to conquer the same "demons" that troubled his father. Family, friends and the success of the things Notch made with his hands helped him prosper in this harsh world, but that success has led to other challenges. And ones that are much harder to conquer.

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21 Upset Minecrafters Who Are Shaking Their Pickaxes At Microsoft By Clip Syndicate Stay calm. Put down your pickaxe. Everything is going to be okay. On Monday, Microsoft officially purchased Mojang, the software company behind the popular indie game Minecraft, which has brought countless hours of entertainment for more than 100 million gamers since 2009. Following the news, the gamer community sounded off its complaints, concerns and praises over Twitter. Microsoft probably won't deter diehard Minecrafters from playing, but many think this purchase is pretty blockheaded.

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Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang For $2.5B By Clip Syndicate Microsoft said it has agreed to buy Mojang, the Swedish video game company behind the hit game Minecraft, boosting its mobile efforts and cementing control of another hit title for its Xbox console. The company said in a statement that Minecraft, which has notched about 50 million copies sold, will be purchased by Microsoft for $2.5 billion. The move marks the tech giant's most ambitious video game purchase and the largest acquisition for Satya Nadella, its new chief executive.

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Microsoft Has Acquired Minecraft By Clip Syndicate Microsoft announced today that Mojang and Minecraft will join its ranks, but it’ll continue to make the game available across iOS, Android and PlayStation as well as on Xbox and PC. Microsoft says that they started their conversation around bringing the title to the Xbox console, and from there witnessed their tremendous success and decided to make the acquisition to help “diversify [its] game portfolio."

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Big On Blue? Microsoft Expands Palette With New Xbox 360 Bundle By Clip Syndicate Microsoft's Xbox 360 is entering its ninth holiday season with a splash. Starting on October 7, customers who head to Walmart will find a Special Edition Blue Xbox 360 Bundle for $249. While the bundle includes two games, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Black Ops II, along with a free month of Xbox Live Gold access, it's the blue color, outlined with a neon blue on the controller and console, that will undoubtedly get the most attention. According to Microsoft, the blue bundle will be available exclusively at Walmart while supplies last.

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Most Star Wars: Commander Players Choose The Dark Side By Clip Syndicate Given the choice between the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance, most Star Wars: Commander gamers align themselves with Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and the Dark Side of the Force. Most gamers just couldn't resist the Dark Side of the Force. According to data from Disney Interactive, when it comes to video games, most of the users would much rather use The Force for evil than good. ...Read More »
New Mexico City Plans To Auction Excavated Vintage Video Games By Clip Syndicate A city in New Mexico where 1,300 unwanted vintage video games were discovered buried in a landfill has voted to auction off more than half of the cartridges in the run-up to Christmas. Members of the Alamogordo City Council voted 7-0 late on Tuesday to offer some 800 of the Atari games found earlier this year for sale on eBay and the council's own website. The mystery behind who dumped the games in the landfill, and why, inspired the dig and a documentary film by Microsoft Corp's Xbox Entertainment Studios.

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'Minecraft' Coming To Xbox One On Friday By Clip Syndicate The inescapable Minecraft is making the jump to next-gen on Friday, and coming to the Xbox One console. Microsoft announced early Wednesday that the ultra-popular sandbox world-building game will cost $4.99 for those who already own the previous-gen version, or $19.99 for those purchasing it for the first time. Downloadable content from the Xbox 360 version will transfer to the Xbox One, and four players can play locally on split screen on that version. ...Read More »
Nintendo Unveils New 3DS Handheld In Japan With Second Analog Stick By Clip Syndicate A new 3DS with a second analog stick and more powerful CPU is coming to Japan in October, Nintendo announced in a live stream on Friday, though no Western release information was given. The New 3DS and larger New 3DS XL will come with an additional, smaller analog "nub" above the face buttons on its right side. The face buttons have been colored to match the old-school SNES controller colors. ...Read More »

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