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Video: Gadget Lab - A Look at the Netatmo Weather Station App

Gadget Lab - A Look at the Netatmo Weather Station App

Grab Media, a blinkx company

Sorry Apple, sometimes your standard iPhone weather app just doesnt cut it. Aside from the expected temperature and humidity metrics, Netatmos Weather Station app also offers data on sound pollution and CO2 concentration. Read More >>

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Trend: Content Insider #331 - Alone Together

Content Insider #331 - Alone Together

Connection by Device Isn't a Relationship, Can Be Oversharing

It's almost impossible to imagine going anywhere without your arsenal of devices of being away from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, whatever for a full day. After all without all of those things how can you share with, communicate with people? Well you could sit across from them at a table or next to them on the couch, look them in the eyes and talk. Of course not because you might miss "talking" with someone else. Or put them all aside and commune with nature, the world around you. Both ideas are so scary but if you do it you might find out you've got a pretty neat significant other, partner, kid. Jeezzz that sounds like fun. Or maybe just plain wierd!

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Business Issues: Content Insider #330 - WOW (World of Wearables)

Content Insider #330 - WOW (World of Wearables)

Remedy Needed for BSOS (Bright Shiny Objects Syndrome)

The fever started at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). It spread quickly at MWC (Mobile World Congress). It was rampart at SxSW (South by Southwest). It's BSOS - Bright Shiny Objects Syndrome - and while the numbers sound insanely great most haven't succumed. Sure folks addicted to walking/running and people with health issues that can/should be monitored are getting them, using them. But it will take 2-3 more generations of devices to achieve the dizzying heights that are projected. Fortunately there are hundreds of places on your body people will try to convince you you need to monitor. I'll use my phablet, kids will use their iPhones, we'll all use the apps and maybe we won't catch BSOS - or a mild case anyway.

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Business Issues: Content Insider #326 - Experts Fade

Content Insider #326 - Experts Fade

Social Media Numbers Don't Matter, People Do

Why is it when people are warned not to go into the light they run to the light? It's a lot like that with social media experts - the people who know everything about how to get you followers, likes, Twits. The more you've got the more you want, the more you need because it's what enables you to engage with all those people. Of course most of them expect you to follow them, like them, Tweet/Retweet their stuff as well. And they are all experts! Sure lots of us would like to have huge social media numbers but it's really all about quantity, not quantity. The social media expert may have bigger numbers but you've got people you know, deal with and have credibility with. Tell that to your resident expert and watch him/her fade into the light.

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Business Issues: Content Insider #324 - Autonomous Autos

Content Insider #324 - Autonomous Autos

Driverless Cars Can Change More Than Your Driving

Ah for the good ol days, driving along on the open road wind in your air and without a care, worry, thought in the world. Well if just about everyone - auto makers, governments - have their way those days will be back again. It'll be so good the car may just hit the road without you. And if you're in the car heck it will tell everyone you're there, how it feels, who's around it, what it's going to do next. That just means you better be extra nice to your next new car or you could end up going to drivers school...again!

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Business Issues: Content Insider #322 - Wonders of  WOM

Content Insider #322 - Wonders of WOM

Customers ... Your Most Valuable Marketing Tool

Have you ever noticed that everyone - all the social thingies - are telling you how powerful they are, how much influence they have, what they deliver like no one else can? If only it were that easy. Well actually it is pretty easy but it requires something wierd...paying attention to the customer. Overnight success is fiction. It's slow, methodical, detailed one customer at a time. Do it right and the word gets around.

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Hands on with Mozilla`s Firefox OS for phones
Mozilla wants to democratize the smartphone market with Firefox OS, which is designed to run on low-cost smartphones and will come to the developRead More
NBCNews `Best of CES`
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Why Your Next Laptop Won`t Be Just a Laptop
A look at the newest hybrid laptop /tablets from the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.     Read More
TVs, Touchscreens & Forks at CES
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Robonaut Operates Task Board in Space
Photo Credit: NASA In the International Space Station's Destiny laboratory, Robonaut 2 is pictured on Jan. 2, duRead More

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