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Technology: Content Insider #510 - Toys for Tots

Content Insider #510 - Toys for Tots

Toys are Getting Smarter, More Educational but Riskier

Miles Weston

Admit it. See all the new toys for kids and they make you want to be one again (still?). And if you want the world to think AI and robots everywhere are the natural order of things what better way than make them an integral part of a person's life right at the start? Of course how deviously simple. Kids aren't suspicious like you. They get a friendly little toy that talks with them, shares information, ideas, photos, whatever and hey it's gotta be a good thing. But kids tend to share too much don't they and the toys shares with someone else and pretty soon Read More >>

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Feature: The Tech Behind Snapchat Continues to be Its Secret Sauce

The Tech Behind Snapchat Continues to be Its Secret Sauce

Snapchat is one of the most widely used applications on the market today, with an estimated 400-million 'snaps' being sent between users on a daily basis. A snap can be likened to a video or picture message that can be sent to friends, or displayed on a public story timeline for followers to view. What users love about the platform is that it allows them to reach a broad audience while also adding fun animations, filters and stickers to their video and picture messages. However, Snapchat has been incorporated by many large technology companies as a means to spread their customer outreach into new markets.

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Business Issues: Content Insider #507 - Major Contributor

Content Insider #507 - Major Contributor

Millennial Moms Are More Than Just Sales Targets

Being a working mom - which is every mom - has always been a tough job but fortunately some folks in the consumer electronics industry have recognized her challenges and needs and come up with technology that simplifies the job. I saw products at CES that virtually ensured they would give her free time and would take over those tough tasks like raising kids, juggling their work/home activities and well heck just plain make them a better person. But no matter how much technology we try to sell them the job of handling two or two careers (home, office) isn't any easier and frankly the pay sucks. Rather than figuring what we can sell them we should appreciate the fact that they are equals and treat them accordingly. It's just a thought.

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Feature: 2017: The Year of Wearable Tech

2017: The Year of Wearable Tech

At the start of the year, technology and trade shows such as CES 2017 offered consumers a peek into the wide-range of wearable devices and gadgets that will hit the market soon. From the looks of it, 2017 could be the year wearable tech takes off to new levels with the expansion of wearable tech products to other industry applications, not just in the areas of fitness and health.

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Feature: Content Insider #504 - Taking Flight

Content Insider #504 - Taking Flight

Consumer Drones Are Nuisances, Not Profits

Drones as small as mosquitos and as large as a house were being shown everywhere at CES and the only ones that looked worthwhile had cameras attached to them or were being talked about for protection or production. Actually a couple of the "this is going to be a hot, fantastic market for us slashed staffs or closed their doors. The drone business is good and a lot of dads bought them for their kids over the holidays ... then crashed them. All of these things are great if they're used responsibly but being thoughtful and responsible isn't a huge market.

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Business Issues: Content Insider #503 - Car Work

Content Insider #503 - Car Work

The Long-Term View of Autonomous Transportation

The autonomous car is coming whether you like it or not along with more than a few "minor" issues - like being out of WiFi range every now and then. But don't worry they can solve that quickly enugh. The rest of the transportation infrastructure may rquire more time than we can afford. It could still be a bumpy road...we'll see.

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