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Feature: Internet of Things: 4 Ways to Keep Your Home Connected

Internet of Things: 4 Ways to Keep Your Home Connected

The rise of Big Data and the power of data analytics have opened a new world of possibilities for the technology business industry. Myriad devices and gadgets have surfaced to constitute what many like to call the "Internet of Things" (IoT). These sleek devices are getting smarter with greater functionality all the time. Now, many smart devices are being developed for use in smart homes. This new technology is fully integrating everything from home entertainment systems to everyday household appliances into the IoT framework. Having more devices in homes connected to wireless Internet technology gives users a new dimension of control and the power to do more.

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Feature: 'Own The Sky' with the First Augmented Reality Social Network

'Own The Sky' with the First Augmented Reality Social Network

Is the sky really the limit? That's the questions the founder of Skrite set out to answer when brainstorming an idea for a new social app that would cut through the noise of stale, predictable social media websites like Facebook and Snapchat. Their answer? It's a barrier that must be broken-and that's how the world's first augmented reality social network, which allows users to leave real-time drawings, selfies, photos and messages in the sky, was born.

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Business Issues: Content Insider #514 - Influence

Content Insider #514 - Influence

Good Influencer Reviews Begin with Great Leaders

We have never followed Snoop Dogg, Kim Kardashian, Pewdiepie or heck anyone. Following sounds too much like stalking and that creeps us out! When we want to learn about a certain product, subject we ask people we trust, respect who know what they're talking about. People who buy/use products do the same thing. And those people have gained that expertise by using the product/service, dealing with the company under a broad range of situations. They know the company and the people behind the product/service. That reputation is built one customer at a time not by how many influencer followers they have but their well earned reputation. In other words the influence starts at the top and permeates every aspect of the company's decisions, actions. Sorry Snoop, Kim, Pew you don't impress, influence me much.

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Feature: Has the Consumer Drone Bubble Burst

Has the Consumer Drone Bubble Burst

Not many years ago, the term "drone" would have only been associated with advanced military technology used in unmanned aerial warfare. Also known as UAVs, or unmanned aerial vehicles, drones have been a significant factor in the strategy of the U.S. military for quite some time. However, in recent years, drones have exploded into the domestic consumer market. From YouTubers to independent filmmakers, drones are now far more commonplace in the lives of the average civilian than ever before. However, due to numerous factors, the drone market has seemingly hit its plateau quite early on in its life cycle.

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