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Business Issues: Content Insider #375 - Gawking

Content Insider #375 - Gawking

Wear it, Drive it, Watch it ? WOW, It's Coming

Miles Weston

Even if you have narrowed interests CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is too much to take in in one sitting. So let's take it in manageable segments like part 1 - wearables, cars, TVs. Arguable hot and sexy but are they gotta haves for this year or will you wait a bit. We have our opinions and analysis but you decide. Don't worry we'll get to the next important part of CES...soon. Read More >>

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Business Issues: Content Insider #368 - Fashionable

Content Insider #368 - Fashionable

Mergers, Acquisions and Spinoffs are Board Games Played with People

I can't wait for CES to see what's in fashion for the coming year. You know 4K UHD TVs, wearables, cars, phone cases, movie production/storage, cameras/phones, you know all the things that sparked oohhss, aahhss last year will have a gazillion copies in the acres and acres of show space. Leading edge folks had good sales this year and have moved on to even greater stuff. But that doesn't dampen the enthusiasm of hundreds of creative copiers who will "innovate" their better ideas. It's a game the industry plays with blood, sweat, money.

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Video:  Best Buy Doorbuster Deals Start at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving and at 8 a.m. on Black Friday

Best Buy Doorbuster Deals Start at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving and at 8 a.m. on Black Friday

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--From wearables to laptops to tablets to TVs and video games, Best Buy's Black Friday deals are the ones you and your family and friends will want this Holiday season. Check out all the gadgets.

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Business Issues: Content Insider #358 - She Said, She Said

Content Insider #358 - She Said, She Said

WOM (Word of Mom) Is Researched, Credible

I love the way social media marketing people count their likes and their Tweet volume to show that they are building brand image/awareness/loyalty but sales don't always show up on the other end. But when people talk about the company/brand/product things happen...sales are made. We like to call it buzz but it's realy WOM (word of mouth) that produces the results. Even then not all WOM carries the same degree of weight. Females are more influential than males. That's probably because women share information and experiences more than guys. When women like something/someone they tell others. When they don't like something/someone they tell others. And they tell you detail! So? Never sell female WOM short...just ask the females in your life.

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Video:  Apple Faithful Line Up For Latest, Larger IPhones

Apple Faithful Line Up For Latest, Larger IPhones

Apple's latest phone lured throngs of gadget lovers, entrepreneurs and early adapters to its stores in New York, San Francisco and other cities around the world in the latest sign of strong initial demand for the new, larger generation of iPhones. Even the night before the phones' Friday debut, nearly 70 people were waiting in line in front of the Apple store in downtown San Francisco.

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Business Issues: Content Insider # 356 - Winning Big

Content Insider # 356 - Winning Big

A Company's Best Use of Social Media is Support, Service

There are so many people out there swearing that all of their social media outreach and efforts are the things that are keeping companies, brands and products afloat. They have stuff flying out all the time. They have "friends", people who Like them, followers. They don't like ordinary folks - users - who send over questions or worse yet impinge on their areas of expertise and start telling other ordinary folks how good the products are. If there are little issues they help others workaround them. Asking a question is an insult to social media "experts" because ordinarly folks are only supposed to be recipients, not senders or informaton, news, opinion. Me? I'll take what customers say any day of the week because his/her only goal is to work and enjoy their devices...and share with others who want to do the same.

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