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Is Android, WindowsPhone or iOS the Best For Business? By SooJi Min for America's Backbone Weekly Each system has its advantages, but how do you choose? ...Read More »
Wearables Day - Aug 12 By Miles Weston It's all about wearables no matter where you turn - watches, bands, glasses, clothes and they're all attached to something. Find out what is coming at Wearables Day Aug 12 at FMS in Santa Clara ...Read More »
Zola Registry Introduces 360° Virtual Shopping With New iPad App By Clip Syndicate NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Next-generation wedding registry Zola launched its first iPad app today and introduced 360°, a new way to register. 360° is a virtual shopping experience that merges online and offline by allowing couples to register in real-world settings, directly from their iPad. Brands carried on Zola are excited about the 360° feature. Canvas Home founder Andrew Corrie explains, “We love the idea of couples all over the country shopping from our NYC showroom as though they were s ...Read More »
Ease Your Email Stress With These Great Inbox Management Apps By Jaimy Ford for America's Backbone Weekly Five great apps that take the pain out of processing your email. ...Read More »
Health Tips for Your Planned Trip to the Middle East or the Far East By Bruce Merchant, M.D. Over the past several months we have been bombarded with newscast alarms about Ebola and, more recently, about MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). A few years ago there were similar alarms about SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) All of these diseases are highly fatal. And here are no vaccines to protect you from any of them. Could these fearsome viral diseases impact your travel plans? ...Read More »
Content Insider #398 - Alone Time By Miles Weston We like to think that the Internet and our growing cache of mobile devices have really brought us closer to each other. Someone once said we're now only six pixels away from each other. Well we're sorta connected but it doesn't mean we make a real connection. In a meeting, at a party, with friends/family you're always checking your device to ensure you don't miss chatting with someone else. Makes everyone in the group feel real special doesn't it? Being connected and making a connection with another person requires listening and that's getting tough to do with so many contacts in your life. ...Read More »
All Star Cast of Celebrities Sir Roger Moore, Ewan McGregor, Stephen Fry, and Dame Joan Collins Join Forces in New Educational Mobile App Project GivingTales By Clip Syndicate LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GivingTales is a new animated story app featuring fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen told by actors like Sir Roger Moore and Ewan McGregor now available for download on smartphones and tablets. ...Read More »
Content Insider#388 - Company DNA By Miles Weston There is something terribly wrong with the consumer electronics industry because we never have a product category - real category - until Apple comes on the scene. Then everyone jumps in to praise, beat up on the product and tell us all the things that are right/wrong and how someone else (who sues/supplies them) is going to be so much better. The problem is few companies understand, focus on who they are so the consumer has a single point of reference. Don't give me logic, people identity with the company. Like it or hate it, you buy or reject the company not the new announcement. If you don't have that foundation you're buying from whatstheirname. Focus folks. Focus. ...Read More »
Content Insider #387 - Advocates By Miles Weston I have nothing against people getting paid to hawk a product. Everyone's got to make a living and saying it's the greatest thing since whatever seems harmless enough. But when it comes to buying something for our family I want a "real person's" inputs - friends, family, folks who posted online and media reviewers who do this stuff for a living because they both have street cred and have a reputation to maintain. Even if the reviewer was given the product and is still using it in his/her personal, work life...I'm impressed. The paid shill may make me aware of the product but I still have to go online and get the straight scoop? You too? Thought so! ...Read More »
The Advantages of Paperless Project Sites By Amy Beth Miller for America's Backbone Weekly Drawings, change orders, claims and dispute paperwork can be digitally transmitted from office to job site to owner using integrated applications. ...Read More »

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