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Video: Drawing on iPad Pro in OneNote vs. Evernote

Drawing on iPad Pro in OneNote vs. Evernote


The OneNote and Evernote note-taking apps are both useful, but one is thoughtfully designed for use with the iPad Pro and Apple's Pencil stylus, while the other ... isn't. Read More >>

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Video:  Apple Will Finally Let You Delete Those Annoying Built-In Apps

Apple Will Finally Let You Delete Those Annoying Built-In Apps

Apple has long been criticized for crowding people's iOS devices with apps they don't necessarily want.

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Business Issues: Content Insider #466 - Takes Time

Content Insider #466 - Takes Time

Innovation is About Thinking Different, Not Copying Different

I always enjoy Mary Meeker's (KPBC) annual presentation on how, why, when technology change till take place. This year she used the words innovative and innovation quite a bit. If you looked at some of the innovations they were changes, tweeks, polishing of existing stuff that was out there. Why? Because there's a difference between being wowed by an idea and using it every day without thinking about it. Turns out breakthrough innovation takes time.

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Feature: Common Misconceptions About Building an App

Common Misconceptions About Building an App

Many business owners think building an app is expensive, but think again.

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Feature: Content Insider #457 - Driving Bits

Content Insider #457 - Driving Bits

The More Connected the Car, the More Disconnected You'll Be

Having grown up in the flat heartland of the country, I feel sorry for my son. Back then, a car wasn't simply transportation; it was an expression of who you were. Bore out the cylinders and put in oversized pistons, add a couple of supercharged four-barrel carbs, rework the shifting and drive train, chop the coils, add oversized tires, customize the exterior, have the interior pleated/rolled, add some dynamite flames on the side and it was a road-eating, date magnet machine. Today, auto manufacturers offer you a computer on wheels.

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Video:  Final Text Messages Between Teen Lost at Sea and His Mom Revealed: 'My iPad Is Dead…I Love You'

Final Text Messages Between Teen Lost at Sea and His Mom Revealed: 'My iPad Is Dead…I Love You'

At 9:49 a.m. on the morning of July 24, 2015, Perry sent a text message to his mother, Pamela Cohen

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iOgrapher QuickFix for iPad Air2
If you're upgrading your iPad Air to the iPad Air 2, one of the things you may not h Read More
Fun now. Don`t have to wait for CES to end
Just for Fun Silly stuff at CES 2015 You know that there are bunch of products at CES 2015 that may not make it out in the real world, but are rea Read More
CES 2015: New Laptop
Laptops aren't really new, but Velocity Micro is introducing a series of laptops that are new u   Velocity MicroŽ, the premier builder of a Read More
CES 2015: Speaker VAMP
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Connect to any old speaker[/caption] This is really quite cool.  Instead of offering a simple new Read More
CES 2015: Wet Speakers
This Bluetooth 3.0 speaker has both extraordinary sound and is shower proof! Its tough rubber exterior and splash-resistant shell makes it perfect fo Read More

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