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Cardo Systems' Scala 700 LX Bluetooth Wireless headset

By Joshua Virata

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The Scala 700 LX Bluetooth Wireless headset  is a fairly small and very lightweight Bluetooth headset. It is much smaller than the headset that Iím used to. The headset has two simple buttons that do a multitude of things from picking up and hanging up a phone call, redialing the last number that called you, ignoring a call, switch between two phone calls and activate your voice dialing system. It  also comes with a built-in buzzer that allows you to locate your headset if youíve misplaced it. With the headset comes a set of directions and information about the product, an ear loop, a neoprene case for storing the headset, and two chargers; one wall charger and one USB charger for charging the headset using a computer such as a laptop on the go.

Many of the features, such as answering a call, transferring calls, switching between two different calls , muting the headset, and a few others are accessed by using one of the two buttons on the headset. One of the buttons serves as the volume rocker, while the other is a main control button that has a few functions assigned to it depending on how you push the button and how many times it is pushed. The same follows for the volume rocker, which not only controls the volume but also controls the redial, pick up, and turning on and off the headset. The volume rocker can also be flipped if you wear the headset in your left ear by a combination of pushing and holding the control and volume rocker buttons at the same time while the head set is being turned on, once the headset turns on it responds to the request to start up in left handed mode by blinking the blue indicator light three times.

Being pretty small and lightweight, this headset is for those who want a Bluetooth wireless headset to accompany their Bluetooth enabled phone but donít want something huge and heavy on their ear. Despite its size, the headset comes with an adjustable ear loop that will bend to form a tight fit around the back of your ear so that the headset feels secure while you are wearing it. Although I was able to adjust the ear loop to fit tightly on my ear I was surprised when the headset began to dangle from my ear while I was wearing it securely. The headset doesnít have a complete fit in your ear but rather rests on the surface of your ear with a small outcrop where the speaker is located. The headset doesnít have an earpiece that would be placed in the ear to hold the headset to the ear, so the headset relies solely on the ear loop for support and positioning.
Because this headset does not have an ear piece to deliver audio directly into the ear canal you can hear all of the noise around you. By delivering audio this way the device doesnít cancel enough of the background noise that other headsets do that use ear pieces. Noise cancelling is a must in todayís world since most of the places that we use our headsets are bustling with activity and other people talking. Unfortunately, with the way that this headset delivers audio it doesnít do a good job at cancelling the background noise. I would have liked to see this headset with noise cancelling technology built in.

The headsetís microphone picks up a lot of audio, not only voice but all of the noise that is around you. In a test I had somebody call me while they were in a mall and I could hear their voice but it was surrounded by the voices and noises of everybody around them. I also tested the headset while driving and the person whom I was talking to said that they could hear my AC running.

This is a somewhat decent headset but I had a few gripes with it, because it didnít have a fixed in ear earpiece nor did it have noise cancelling technology. Iím used to the secure feeling of an ear piece in my ear while wearing a headset, so I guess that it is a personal preference whether or not the headset rests on or in your ear. The noise cancelling and microphone parts are small deterrents for me because I have an older headset that doesnít have noise cancelling technology but the way that the microphone picks up my voice is much better compared to the Scala-700LX, which picks up a lot of extra noise besides the voice of the user.

With its user friendly controls and simple interface the Cardo Scala-700LX is ok for the first time Bluetooth headset buyer.  It is priced at $69.95. For more information, visit

Joshua Virata is a 2008 graduate of Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, CA. He has been using computers since the age of 2 and is proficient in the areas of home wired and wireless networking, music creation, secure computing, cell phone communication and GPS navigation. You can email him at [email protected]

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