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The Surprisingly Important Area Where HTCs One M8 Crushes The IPhone 5s

04/08/14 Apples iPhone line has historically had a big advantage over most Android phones in it's devices touch response time,however this is beginning to change. According to tests performed by Lesnumeriques.fr, the average touch response time for the HTC One M8s screen is a remarkable 46 milliseconds.That makes the M8 the fastest tested mass-market smartphone on the planet by a healthy margin. Faster than the iPhone 5s,which was found to have an average touch response time of 75 milliseconds. ...Read More »

Researchers Teach Smartphones To Recognize Your Activity, Lock Out Everyone Else

04/07/14 Swipe patterns, passwords and fingerprint scanners are useful for keeping that mobile device locked down from the outside, but what happens once that code is cracked? Well, cybersecurity researchers at Georgia Tech have developed LatentGesture that continuously monitors gadgets for intruders based on taps and swipes. If the system detects any use patterns that vary from the observed user profiles, it locks the device down. ...Read More »

How The IPhone Actually Gave Samsung Freedom From Carriers

04/07/14 A July 2008 internal Samsung presentation submitted into evidence during the second Apple vs Samsung U.S. trial revealed that the South Korean company realized the iPhone would be a big threat to feature phone makers just a few days after the iPhone 3G was released. Now, a second piece of evidence consisting of a couple of slides from three years later shows that “beating Apple was the “#1 priority for Samsung in 2011, and everything else had to be in the “context of beating Apple. ...Read More »
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Heres When Samsung First Realized The IPhone Would Crush Rivals

04/07/14 New evidence presented in the second Apple vs Samsung patent lawsuit reveals that Samsung realized early on that the iPhone would pose a significant threat to handset makers, identifying Apple as the company to beat in the years to come. In an internal presentation from July 2008, Samsung acknowledged that the iPhone 3G was “redefining the U.S. market dynamics – Apples second-gen iPhone only became available on July 11 that year. ...Read More »

Egomotion Raises $750K From Androids Co-Founder And Others To Make Your Smartphone Smarter

04/04/14 The company behind the app Agent, Egomotion, recently raised $750k. The app will detect when youre driving, and automatically respond to texts to let people know you cant type right now. During the hours you normally sleep, itll auto silence your phone but still give people a way to ring through in case of an emergency. When your battery is low, it can flip the switches to turn off things like Bluetooth and auto-sync. ...Read More »

Heres Another Reason The IPhone 6 Cant Launch Soon Enough

04/04/14 While the iPhone 5s is widely available in China now that the worlds largest mobile operator is officially stocking it , the device may not be as interesting as expected to Chinese smartphone users. Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White claimed in a note to investors on Friday that he sensed “disappointment when talking to two carriers in the region about iPhone 5s demand. ...Read More »

Amazon Unveils $99 Fire TV Set-top Box To Rival Apple

04/02/14 Amazon has made a play for the increasingly crowded home entertainment arena by unveiling the $99 "Fire TV" video and game streaming device on Wednesday, with hopes of boosting its main online retail business over the longer term. The square device, which just about fits in the palm of one hand, streams content from Netflix Inc, Hulu and other video services much like Apple TV or Google Inc's Chromecast. It also offers a prominent platform for Amazon's own fast-growing streaming video service as well as its growing slate of original television programs and games. Amazon will also sell a separate controller for gaming that costs $39.99. ...Read More »

One Way The Galaxy S5s Fingerprint Scanner Is Better Than Apples

04/02/14 Yes, Apple beat Samsung to the punch when it comes to releasing a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner. However, a new piece in Technology Review explains why Samsungs fingerprint scanner has the potential to be more useful than the iPhone 5ss fingerprint scanner right out of the box. As the publication notes, the Galaxy S5s fingerprint scanner will be the first on a smartphone that will be compatible with PayPals mobile payments app, which means youll be able to use your fingerprint to authorize payments in any website or store that accepts PayPal as a form of payment. Apples fingerprint scanner, in contrast, for now only works to buy music and apps from the Apple App Store. ...Read More »

BlackBerry Dumps Licensing Deal With T-Mobile

04/02/14 If youre one of the last remaining BlackBerry diehards, you can cross T-Mobile off the list of retailers selling the struggling smartphone: following a tiff with T-Mobile over an ad featuring Apple's iPhone, BlackBerry has said that it will not renew the contract that allows T-Mobile to carry BlackBerry devices in its stores. BlackBerry announced late Tuesday night that when its licensing deal with T-Mobile ends on April 25, it will not renew the contract. ...Read More »

IPhone 6 Interchangeable Lens Camera Could Blow Away Samsung

04/02/14 This year's smartphone wars are heating up, and for many consumers, it all comes down to the camera. Samsung has set the bar high with the Galaxy S5's 16-MP lens and robust camera feature set, but Apple may have found its answer. According to a new patent from the Cupertino smartphone giant, the next iPhone could be the first device of its kind to sport built-in interchangeable camera lenses. According to the USPTO patent, Apple can use a "bayonet" mechanism to allow for swappable camera lenses. ...Read More »

New Apple Vs. Samsung Legal Battle Even More Important For Google Than Last Time

04/01/14 The second U.S. Apple vs. Samsung trial, which is set to start on Monday in San Jose with jury selection , may be even more important for Google than the new reports in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal reveal. Unlike in the first patent fight between the two smartphone makers when Apple said Samsung copied the design of the iPhone with its devices, Apple is now attacking Samsung solely with patents that cover Android software features. Thus, the verdict in this case is all the more important for Google. ...Read More »

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