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Vectoraster by LostMinds By Ko Maruyama Vectorizer for the Mac (and iOS) allows you to create fantastic shape based translations of raster artwork or photography with just a few clicks. The great part about this new software is that it is really easy to use. Like any good design software, it?s full of options that will allow you to create unique pieces, even when you?re starting from presets. ...Read More »
Home Tech Upgrade Power2U By Ko Maruyama Not more power through the house, but better access to it. There are so many devices that my family uses that rely on USB charging. Some of these rely on sucking up power daily. But if you already have a bunch of plugs stuck in your outlets, you might want to stop juggling those wall warts and install the NewerTech Power2U. ...Read More »
Subjekt Headphones By Lou Wallace I was looking for some audio accessories and took a look at three Subjekt audio headphones and earphones. ...Read More »
iPad2 GripStand 2 Bundle By Ko Maruyama The Newer Technology company makes a protective back and stand for your iPad 2. The Gripstand and GripBase pairing is a great way to watch your iPad content hands free, or, if you're a teacher, present items on the iPad to students without having to awkwardly holding it. ...Read More »
The Steve Jobs Way By Miles Weston We know we don't often talk to you about book reviews but then it is seldom we read a book that is of widespread interest to our mutual audiences. As we note we're not Apple/Jobs fanboys but OMG we respect what they've done and in fact we're "a little" envious that they: - seem to do it so well so consistently - get more coverage by "accident" than the rest of us get by working hard for it ...Read More »
Tritton AX 120 Stereo Gaming Headset from Mad Catz By Kevin McAuliffe I've been an video editor for a long time, but I've also been a gamer for a long time as well, and much like in television, I've always stayed on top of the newest consoles (I have an XBOX 360 and a PS3), and trends in video games. Who would have thought that a simple crossover into my other passion, video gaming, would have been the lifesaver. ...Read More »
Guitar Sidekick By Ko Maruyama When you do have time to take that break, you may want to spend some time with your guitar. I have two guitars, but I'm not very good at either... which is exactly why The Guitar Sidekick might come in handy. ...Read More »
Novothink's Surge Solar Charger for iPhone 3G/3GS By John Virata The Novothink Surge for iPhone 3G/3GS is an external battery pack/case that slides onto the iPhone to provide more battery life than the paltry battery life that ships standard with the current generation iPhone. What is unique about the Surge is the capability to charge the iPhone via solar power. The Surge is a combination solar charging case combined with a 1320mAh 3.7 volt lithium polymer battery offering up to twice the capacity of the iPhone's battery. ...Read More »
OWI AMP602-2 outdoor speaker system By John Virata OWI, Inc. has introduced a self-amplified surface mount speaker system that is built for those in-between places such as in garages or enclosed sun rooms, and other hidden away places where sound is needed. The AMP602-2 speaker system outputs very good quality sound at an inexpensive price point of $199. ...Read More »
Shure SE 115m+ headset By Joshua Virata Shure has had a reputation of having superior headsets, headphones, and microphones, and they continue this reputation with the SE115+ sound isolating headset. This new headset is a modification to the SE115 headset line wherein the m+ designation adds a microphone and a three-button remote to the right earbud line. ...Read More »

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