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Lpiz Stylus Dagi para el Ipad, iPhone, iPod touch y tabletas, transformer Pad, Galaxy Pad By Grab Media, a blinkx company Tecnofanatico sigue en busca del mejor lpiz o stylus para pantallas capacitivas, una que hemos encontrado muy interesante es el Dagi P507 un lpiz con una tecnologa totalmente diferente a los lapiceros con una bola de goma redonda. ...Read More »
Aplicacin Motion Tennis para iOS al estilo Nintendo Wii con el iPhone y Apple TV By Grab Media, a blinkx company Hoy les tenemos una aplicacin muy interesante se llama Motion Tennis, el cual te permite jugar algo parecido como los juego con el Nintendo Wii. ...Read More »
Cellphone Video From South Korea Ferry Disaster By Grab Media, a blinkx company Cellphone video emerged from the South Korean ferry disaster on Thursday, as the president of the company that runs the ferry appeared for an emotional public apology. Via The Foreign Bureau, WSJ's global news update. ...Read More »
Researcher Finds Flaw In Samsung Fingerprint Check By Grab Media, a blinkx company A Berlin-based researcher says he has managed to fool the fingerprint-based security system on Samsung's new Galaxy S5 smartphone using wood glue and a picture of the original print. Ben Schlabs, an American who works for German firm Security Research Labs GmbH, says the trick is identical to the one hackers used to unlock Apple's iPhone 5 last year. The flaw is potentially more serious than in the iPhone, because Schlabs says he was also able to trick the electronic payment app PayPal that uses Samsung's authentication system into accepting the fake fingerprint. ...Read More »
HTC One (M8) Shipments Seen Reaching 3-5 Million In Q2 By Grab Media, a blinkx company Shipments of HTCs new flagship One (M8) smartphone are expected to fall between 3 million and 5 million units in the second quarter this year. The phone launched in late March, so Q2 will represent the handsets first full quarter of sales. But as HTC America president Jason Mackenzie made clear during a recent exclusive interview with BGR, HTC knows it cant beat giants like Apple and Samsung, and it isnt trying to beat them. ...Read More »
Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Already Battling The IPhone 6 By Grab Media, a blinkx company Samsungs strategy to deflect the Apple iPhone tsunami seems to be to compete for consumers with a relentless onslaught of marketing muscle and new products that constantly keep the Samsung brand front and center. The result has been the consolidation of the smart phone market in the eyes of consumers between Samsung and Apple. While Apple is still the reigning global phenomenon, Samsung continues to narrow the gap. ...Read More »
The Surprisingly Important Area Where HTCs One M8 Crushes The IPhone 5s By Grab Media, a blinkx company Apples iPhone line has historically had a big advantage over most Android phones in it's devices touch response time,however this is beginning to change. According to tests performed by Lesnumeriques.fr, the average touch response time for the HTC One M8s screen is a remarkable 46 milliseconds.That makes the M8 the fastest tested mass-market smartphone on the planet by a healthy margin. Faster than the iPhone 5s,which was found to have an average touch response time of 75 milliseconds. ...Read More »
Researchers Teach Smartphones To Recognize Your Activity, Lock Out Everyone Else By Grab Media, a blinkx company Swipe patterns, passwords and fingerprint scanners are useful for keeping that mobile device locked down from the outside, but what happens once that code is cracked? Well, cybersecurity researchers at Georgia Tech have developed LatentGesture that continuously monitors gadgets for intruders based on taps and swipes. If the system detects any use patterns that vary from the observed user profiles, it locks the device down. ...Read More »
How The IPhone Actually Gave Samsung Freedom From Carriers By Grab Media, a blinkx company A July 2008 internal Samsung presentation submitted into evidence during the second Apple vs Samsung U.S. trial revealed that the South Korean company realized the iPhone would be a big threat to feature phone makers just a few days after the iPhone 3G was released. Now, a second piece of evidence consisting of a couple of slides from three years later shows that “beating Apple was the “#1 priority for Samsung in 2011, and everything else had to be in the “context of beating Apple. ...Read More »
Heres When Samsung First Realized The IPhone Would Crush Rivals By Grab Media, a blinkx company New evidence presented in the second Apple vs Samsung patent lawsuit reveals that Samsung realized early on that the iPhone would pose a significant threat to handset makers, identifying Apple as the company to beat in the years to come. In an internal presentation from July 2008, Samsung acknowledged that the iPhone 3G was “redefining the U.S. market dynamics – Apples second-gen iPhone only became available on July 11 that year. ...Read More »

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