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Intel Posts Lower 1Q Net Income, Higher Revenue

04/15/14 Intel's earnings fell in the first three months of the year, but revenue grew because of solid demand for tablet processors and its data center services. The chip maker said it earned $1.95 billion, or 38 cents per share, in the first quarter. That's down from $2.05 billion, or 40 cents per share, from a year earlier. A survey by FactSet says analysts were expecting earnings of 37 cents per share on revenue of $12.8 billion. ...Read More »

Samsungs Latest Tablet Innovation Is... A Hole?

04/10/14 Samsung has been sued by Apple several times over claims that the companys Galaxy tablets have stolen the iPads design identity. Back in 2011, one judge even illustrated how similar Samsungs slates were to the iPad. In a design patent application filed back in 2012 that was just made public earlier this week, Samsung sought to protect its “ornamental design for a tablet computer, as shown and described.” Two more images from Samsungs filing follow below. ...Read More »

Nvidia Shield Now Streams PC Games On The Go

04/07/14 PC gaming is about to hit the road in a big way. Nvidia has announced that its portable Shield consolenow supports GameStream over the Web. That means you'll be able to stream games from any GeForce GTX 650 GPU-equipped laptop or desktop PC directly to your Shield from anywhere you can get a 5 Mbps wireless connection. Shield had already offered GameStream, but it only worked over in-home networks. Available for $199, Shield gives you the ability to play games through Valve's Steam Platform, as well as Android games via Nvidia's own Tegra Zone. ...Read More »
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Heres The Samsung Device That Finally Convinced Apple Go To War

04/01/14 An excerpt from Yukari Iwatani Kanes “Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs published by Re/code reveals more details about the events that preceded Apples decision to sue Samsung. Apparently, Apple was initially not so eager to sue Samsung, trying to settle the matter out of court, in order to preserve a good relationship with one of its main suppliers. ...Read More »

Microsoft's Office Apps For IPad Ushers In New Era

03/27/14 Microsoft has released an iPad version of its popular Office software suite, a breakthrough heralding a new era under a CEO who promises to focus more on the devices that people are using instead of trying to protect the company's lucrative Windows franchise. Thursday's unveiling of the much-anticipated iPad apps for Microsoft's bundle of word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software comes nearly four years after Apple released the tablet computer that has contributed to a steady decline in sales of desktop and laptop machines running on the Windows operating system. ...Read More »

Retina MacBook Air Reportedly Launches Later This Year

03/26/14 Apple fans wondering when their favorite PC and mobile device maker might finally introduce a MacBook Air with Retina display might not have much longer to wait. No specifics about the notebook computer were shared, though it is said to be one of several new MacBook models set to be released later this year. Apple currently offers two Retina MacBook Pro models, one with a 13-inch 2,560 x 1,600-pixel display and a second with a 15-inch 2,880 x 1,800-pixel screen. ...Read More »

Barnes & Noble, Microsoft Revise Nook Partnership

03/13/14 Barnes & Noble and Microsoft have agreed to revise their digital-reading partnership, allowing the bookseller to stop developing its Nook e-reading app for computing devices powered by Microsoft software. Barnes & Noble said it would stop work on apps for Windows 8 computers, phones and tablets, and support a possible Microsoft-created digital-reading service or app. That service, which Microsoft hasnt announced, was mentioned in a regulatory filing Thursday as “the Microsoft Consumer Reader.” Since the deal was struck, circumstances for each company have changed. ...Read More »

You Need To Update Your IPhone ASAP!

02/26/14 Listen up iPhone users! Youve gotta update your cell phones right now! Apple introduced a new software update this week for its iOS7 and iOS6 operating systems, but not because they have any cool new features for you. Its because of a serious security risk! A hole has been discovered in Apples mobile and desktop OSs that allows hackers to get into your iPhone, iPad, or computer via an unsecured Wi-Fi connection! The iOS fixes seem to patch up any potential problems but OS X Mavericks is still having issues, so users should stick to using Chrome or Firefox and not Safari for the time being! ...Read More »

How To Watch The Olympics On Your Phone Or Tablet

02/05/14 Four years ago at the last Winter Olympics in Vancouver, NBC streamed just two events live, ice hockey and curling. Beginning Thursday, all 15 venues will be live streamed at the games in Sochi. This time around, instead of being glued to a television set or a computer, viewers can check out the action from Sochi on their smartphones or tablets. Diehards of sports that for the most part have been ignored in prime time will be able to rely on mobile devices to see what's going on as it happens. NBC will have the exclusive U.S. rights to the Olympic videos as well as streaming, highlight clips, archiving and video on demand. ...Read More »

ABC - Apple Computers Celebrates 30th Anniversary

01/24/14 ABC interviews Tim Cook at Apple. Interviews on secret projects, NSA and more! ...Read More »

DealBook: Lenovo Sees Server Deal As Part Of PC Plus Strategy

01/23/14 By agreeing to buy IBMs low-end server business for $2.3 billion, Lenovo of China instantly vaulted itself into the top ranks of the sector. But executives at the Asian manufacturer argued on Thursday that the move did not mean it was trying to move away from the PC business. Instead, they said the deal advances Lenovos so-called "PC Plus" strategy of becoming the biggest computer maker in the world, whether the device is a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet or a server. ...Read More »

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