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Windows RT Dies With a Whimper By Clip Syndicate When Microsoft launched Windows 8 in the fall of 2012, its poster child was the Surface RT tablet. The thin, meticulously designed slate was supposed to showcase all that was good about the new touch-friendly version of Windows: dynamic live tiles, full-screen apps and lack of "chrome," like a start button. The device failed to attract customers, though, and Microsoft ended up losing nearly $1 billion on the tablet due to unsold inventory. ...Read More »
ARM Holdings Unveils Beefed-up Smartphone Chip Design By Clip Syndicate Chip designer ARM Holdings on Tuesday unveiled a new processor blueprint with improved computing performance and beefed-up graphics aimed at smartphones and tablets to be launched next year. ARM's new Cortex-A72 processor design and related technology improvements come as the smartphone industry struggles with cooling demand after years of explosive growth sparked by Apple Inc's iPhone in 2007. ...Read More »
​Microsoft Stops Producing the Windows RT-based Surface 2 By Clip Syndicate Microsoft has confirmed it is has stopped manufacturing its Surface 2, which for now is the last of its ARM-based hybrid tablets that runs on Windows RT. There has been some confusion about the fate of Windows RT in the wake of the release of Windows 10 but there's yet another sign that its OS for ARM devices could be on its way out: Microsoft has stopped making the tablet. ...Read More »
Microsoft Will Launch Office 2016 Later This Year By Clip Syndicate Microsoft announced on Thursday that it will be releasing its next big Office suite this year. It's called Office 2016, and the announcement comes on the heels of its big Windows 10 event. Microsoft has been focusing more on optimizing Office for mobile, but Office 2016 is best for desktop computers. It will be available in the second half of 2015. General Manager Julia White wrote, "We will have more to share on Office 2016 in the coming months, but this suite will remain the comprehensive Office experience you’re long familiar with, best suited for a PC with keyboard and mouse."

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HP Refreshes Tablet Lineup, Publishes New Enterprise Mobility Research By Clip Syndicate HP has announced seven new tablets and an ultrabook/tablet hybrid, and also released new research on European IT decision-makers' current and planned enterprise mobility strategies. Front and centre is HP's determination to add software and services to the basic device offering. Michael Park, vice president & general manager of HP's Commercial Mobility & Software business unit said: "When we talk about mobility in the enterprise, if you just do the device, it's not enough: it's the apps and the device for the end user, but also connectivity -- how to deliver the apps out of the data center -- and the scale of the sheer number of devices per user."

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PayPal Unveils New Here Reader With Microsoft Surface Support, EMV Compliance By Clip Syndicate PayPal has unveiled a new Here reader that includes payment support for Microsoft Surface and other Windows devices. PayPal also announced plans to launch an EMV-compliant Here reader in the US market later this year. In a blog post detailing the new reader, Brad Brodigan, the VP and GM of PayPal Retail, said small businesses using the Windows platform can utilize the PayPal Here SDK and an upcoming app to begin accepting payments. So far it looks like PayPal Here compatibility will become available for the Surface Pro 3 tablet, the Lumia 830 and 635 smartphones, as well as other devices operating on Windows 8.1.

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Reduce Your Business' IT Environmental Impact By Jaimy Ford for America's Backbone Weekly Simple ways to cut down on your energy consumption ...Read More »
Behold: the Sub-$2,000 3D Food Printer By Clip Syndicate The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 may mark the point when food printing shifts from a curiosity to a serious business. There are new products from companies like relative newcomer XYZPrinting, which burst onto the scene last year with two new Da Vinci 3D printers. The company’s newest sub-$2,000 printer, introduced at CES 2015, prints dough-based foods that, once cooked, can turn into pastries, cookies and more. ...Read More »
Content Insider #373 - Dreams By Miles Weston We have a number of Apple products our family uses. We also have Windows. And gawd help me we have some Android OS devices. As long as the **** thing works the way I work I don't care who's logo is on it. That's what I like about Apple's stuff but I do love to read people who grouse every time a new whatever is introduced by the company. They expect every whatever to be a homerun and that's like stupid ridiculous. They've done a helluva job meeting consumer needs folks didn't even know they had and Tim is doing a great job at least important folks (stockholders) think so. I know you're waiting for them to stumble so you can say "see I told you so," but no one bats 1000...no one. ...Read More »
Best Last-minute Christmas Deals on Apple iPad Air, Mini Tablets By Clip Syndicate The final weekend for holiday shopping can't match Black Friday for sales, but procrastinators can save a little on iPads. With Christmas falling in the middle of the week this year, this weekend is the last one to grab gifts. If you've been procrastinating, then you've missed out on some major deals out there. For those looking to give the gift of tech for Xmas,t here are a handful of last-minute specials on that always-popular present, an Apple iPad at chains including Target and Best Buy. ...Read More »

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