Das Keyboard Introduces Smart Keyboard Updates for IT Professionals and Software Developers

Applets for Popular IT and Dev Tools Customize Keyboard Lighting for
Improved Focus and Productivity

, the world leader in smart mechanical keyboards, today
announced updates to its Q series, cloud-connected keyboards to improve
the productivity of software developers and IT professionals.

The update includes new Q applets for software and IT professionals that
enable users to configure their keyboard keys to change color, alerting
them when something important occurs. Instead of tracking a multitude of
tools, notifications and messages, users can switch off their phone and
close browser tabs to stay focused on their projects, without missing
urgent work events. By centralizing the most critical notifications on
the keyboard, users can remove unnecessary interruptions to improve
their focus and maximize productivity.

Q applets connect to a dozen popular software and IT online services,
such as Asana, Trello, Github, Stack Overflow, Travis CI and more. The
Github applet alerts users of bugs or pull requests; the Trello or Asana
applets alert users on project progress or deadlines. Applets can also
set alerts for CPU usage, firewall changes, website outages or priority

IT and software professionals are under enormous pressure to produce
more and in less time. As a developer myself, I understand that unwanted
interruptions kill productivity. With this update, we’re helping the IT
and developer community get ‘in the zone’ and achieve more of what they
do best,” said Daniel Guermeur, founder and creator of Das Keyboard.
The most innovative technology companies recognize that high-quality
keyboard equipment creates happier, more engaged employees and can
improve the bottom line.”

The Q applet marketplace also includes health applets that offer
reminders to stand up and hydrate. All Das Keyboard applets are free and
open source. Developers can easily create their own applets and share
them with other Das Keyboard users.

Three Das Keyboards compatible with Q applets:

  • The 5Q is the most advanced mechanical keyboard in the world, with the
    fastest electronics, advanced Gamma Zulu switches (100 million
    keystrokes) and brightest RGB+ lighting.
  • The X50Q is a fast and slick keyboard for developers who like to play
    video games as well. It also sports Gamma Zulu switches.
  • The 4Q is the gold standard of high-quality keyboards with Cherry MX
    RGB switches and a built-in hub.

Pricing and Availability

The Das Keyboard 5Q ($249), X50Q ($199) and 4Q ($199) are available for
purchase at www.daskeyboard.com
and leading online retailers. The Q keyboards with European layouts (DE,
UK and NO) are available in Europe, from leading retailers, for €249
(5Q), €199 (X50Q) and €199 (4Q).

About Das Keyboard

Das Keyboard, a brand of Metadot, makes high-quality mechanical
keyboards. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas and is
dedicated to delivering innovative technology products that increase
productivity. Started in 2005, Das Keyboard has been praised by major
media outlets, techie magazines, geeks and regular people who use and
rely on keyboards to be productive throughout the workday. For more
information, please visit www.daskeyboard.com.


Erin Gilmore
PR for Das Keyboard
[email protected]

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