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Preview of Movie "Downsizing"

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Preview of Movie "Downsizing" Video: Preview of Movie "Downsizing"
Preview of Movie "Downsizing" Fri, 22 Dec 2017 03:41:34 +0000 Preview of Movie "Downsizing" Preview of Movie "Downsizing" KARD you will undergo the permanent, and irreversible proceedure known as downsizing." "all clear." witness the world from an entirely new, albeit, smaller perspective, with "downsizing." the latest high concept comedy from writer/director alexander payne presents a solution for overpopulation, by offering its' characters the chance to shrink in size, literally. "downsizing takes the pressure right off, especially money pressure. "well and plus it must feel good to know you're really making a difference." "you mean all that crap about saving the planet?" "yeah." one of the main draws for the cast was the chance to work with payne. "he's not just an amazing director, but also one of the great humorists. you know. him and jim taylor wrote this incredibly ambitious and creative story and i think they really just knocked it out of the park." "you've got a call." "paul don't be mad at me. please don't be mad. i can't leave my family, i can't leave my friends. i'm sorry paul, i should've been thinking more about myself." "thinking about yourself? i'm five inches tall!" "they're so good, jim and alexander are so good at marrying the comedy and the drama and you're just like wait is this sad is this funny?" the film presents a unique blend of elements. "for jim taylor and me the premise of the film, though it could easily be classified as science fiction and i'm kind of delighted that it is, for us it was more of a let's say a social satire premise but they're related, you can't really pull them apart." "it was also very different from the other things that they've written in that this has got a sci-fi element and, i don't know i read it i've never - the story is not a common thing like i've never heard of anything like it and it's rare you get scripts like that." "i finally have a chance to do something that matters." in hollywood, i'm rick damigella. (bonnie) when we

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