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What's Appening? - 11/28/17 Video: What's Appening? - 11/28/17
What's Appening? - 11/28/17 Tue, 28 Nov 2017 21:32:51 +0000 What's Appening? - 11/28/17 What's Appening? - 11/28/17 KOLR [?] >> joy: welcome back, everybody. it's time for "what's appening." that's the segment we show you some of our favorite apps that you too will enjoy on your phone. today's app is going to show you how to cook the perfect roast. as a matter of fact, it's actually called roast perfect. okay. >> kelly: perfect. i know nothing about roasts. >> joy: if you invest in a big roast, you don't want to mess it up. >> kelly: no, no, no. >> joy: you ever hear of certified angus beef. that's a beef brand that comes from a family of ranchers. this beef has high quality standards. these are the people that came up with this app. anyway, what you're looking at is the front page of the roast perfect app. you can scroll through here and look through all of the different types of roast. you may be thinking what am i going to cook? strip, top, eye of round. let's stop at the tri-tip. they might not be familiar with how to do it. the down at the bottom, let's say we're going to serve, oh, i don't know six people. so you scroll up. and you tell it you're going to do let's see six people. and then, it will tell you the recommended weight of the roast you need to buy is 3.5 pounds. >> kelly: perfect. >> tom: yeah. >> joy: that's a great tip. >> tom: something i wouldn't have known. yeah. >> joy: now you click find a recipe down at the bottom. it will run over there hopefully, quickly to the recipes. here's a tutorial on a tritip roast and where it comes from on the cattle and all of that. you scroll down and it gives you the recipes. there's a cranberry glaze, a holiday roast with veggies and a santa maria tri-tip roast. well, cranberries are a huge thing this time of year, so let's go with that one. it forwards you to your recipe and has a photo of what it looks like. it will look exactly like that, i assure you when it comes out of your kitchen. [laughter] you can e-mail the recipe or send it to somebody else. whatever you want to do. it says roast for 45 minutes. so down at the bottom, there's roasting tips and a timer. >> kelly: and a timer. >> joy: you can set a timer. >> tom: it's got everything you need right there. >> joy: everything you need. it's fun to look at this. i just got on this today because i visited certified angus beef in ohio. they have a huge culinary center. i spent time there. and i was watching one of their facebook live things last week regarding cooking steaks and what have you. i started looking through this and sound you know what sounds good, short ribs. six people, 3.5 pounds. i started looking at the recipes. and i'm going to do this. classic red wine braised and a beer braise. it gives you all the ways to cook it and you don't go blind making a big cut of meat and ruining dinner. >> tom: that's the worst part. especially if you're buying angus beef. >> kelly: it sounds like these folks that put this app together, they don't want you ruining it either! >> joy: they don't want you to ruin it. >> tom: if you print the picture, you can lay it over yours and serve it under the pictu picture. >> joy: that's what i would do. >> kelly: is it a free app? >> joy: it's a free app, roast perfect. >> kelly: i don't know much about cooking these types of meat, so that would be perfect for me. >> joy: they do all the work for you. >> kelly: it's like the turkey we talked about yesterday, people call and ask. now you can go online. >> joy: butter ball has an app, too. if you need it. this is what i'm interested in now. i'm over the turkey. >> kelly: we had a enough of that. >> joy: yeah, that's "what's appening." >>>

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