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Hitman's Bodyguard DVD Tues

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Hitman's Bodyguard DVD Tues Video: Hitman's Bodyguard DVD Tues
Hitman's Bodyguard DVD Tues Tue, 21 Nov 2017 13:14:31 +0000 Hitman's Bodyguard DVD Tues Hitman's Bodyguard DVD Tues KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> brian: welcome back! new dvds and blu-rays are hitting store shelves and that means our fellow critic, tony toscano is here with reviews. >> tony: we are hitting the end of the limited budget dvds to go. two of them that i picked out today are just as tasty when i hoping one of them is good. >> tony: and then the other one is the opposite side of the fence. versus talk about the city of a thousand planets. pthis is based on a very well-known series of graphic novels about cute tops that can travel in time very. >> brian: apparently not very well. >> tony: i give this a "d" only because they pack too much into this movie. the special effects are great. >> brian: looks pretty awesome! >> tony: is a big movie but i had such a confusing thought. it suffers from just you know, just a lackluster disengagement with the audience if i can say that. you're presented with a bunch of stuff but you do not know how to process it as the audience because most people are not fans of the book. they have not followed it. it is based on a french novel. >> brian: ic, did we save that for the dvd extras or something. >> tony: and the man to give us the fifth element, i love the movie. this script needed to be fully developed. i think they rushed best to get it done and to throw something that was a sci-fi up against all of the superhero movies. it did not work. it is impossible to enjoy. this gets a "d", rated pg-13. >> brian: so do not buy for your friends and family. >> tony: you can rent it and test it out to see if i am right but i am. [laughter] >> brian: sums at the great endorsement. what else? >> tony: there is good news, the hit man's bodyguard is on dvd and blu-ray. this is one of the most fun movies that i think of the year. the bickering between samuel l jackson and ryan reynolds, again, one of those great kind of combinations of actors where samuel l jackson is a hitman that needs to be protected because he is going to turn evidence important. and how they get them, how they get into court is the whole thing. he is tough as nails, the bodyguard is tough as nails and together it is just really kind of a, a disjointed buddy picture and a road picture at the same time. stress is a classic samuel l jackson and ryan reynolds. put them together and it is pretty good! >> tony: it really is. this is a popcorn muncher. a movie that is rated r for language because samuel l jackson does not do anything with language. so watch that. >> brian: dave appeared another f word you might like his facebook. you can go like t.v. talking pictures because tony has all of the reviews

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