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internet hackers gmu

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internet hackers gmu Video: internet hackers gmu
internet hackers gmu Mon, 16 Oct 2017 12:23:03 +0000 internet hackers gmu internet hackers gmu KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City new information revealing there's a flaw in what secures the wireless internet, to talk about that and how to protect ourselves we have robert jorgensen from utah valley university. let's step back here and explain to everybody what this is about >> basically most of us have wi-fi at our home or at work, the protocol that's used to secure that is called wpa two it's the most secure protocol we have for wireless connections. basically what happened is, researcher found out there's a way to make it not secure. >> would you call this an attack yet? or the possibility? >> they're calling it an attack pand it's called kr ack, there' a crack attack website describes the research that was done but basically it allows an attacker to near your network they can trick your client into reusing an encryption key they can even hijack it or inject other traffic. >> they can watch everything we are doing on that wireless network? >> mostly yes, one thing that's a saving grace is that sites like amazon, banks, ??that's another layer of encryption, normally the traffic is encrypted twice, there's the other layer sitting there. >> is there a possibility of getting credit card information? >> hopefully not but if you're using sites that are not secure with h tbf it's a possibility. >> how concerned should we be? >> were not sure yet how concerned we should be, we don't know if it's a super big deal but it's a big deal. researcher told most of the vendors that make wi-fi equipment a few weeks ago so they can repair passes. >> so they should be ready to hopefully prevent it? >> )update your devices and those should update the protocol that's used so that it won't be affected by this attack. >> are there researchers out there who are looking for loopholes and problems that could be available to the cyber attackers? >> there are. this particular researcher was associated with the university but also there's companies that do that. they're all looking for ways to better secure things by finding

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