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Box Office Buzz - 5/18/17

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Box Office Buzz - 5/18/17 Video: Box Office Buzz - 5/18/17
Box Office Buzz - 5/18/17 Thu, 18 May 2017 20:49:08 +0000 Box Office Buzz - 5/18/17 Box Office Buzz - 5/18/17 KOLR >> chris: hello movie maniacs. new at the box, "alien: covenant." the crew of a colony ship bound for a remote planet, discover an unchartered paradise with a threat beyond their imagination. and must attempt a escape. masterful director ridley scott is at the helm again. this is the second movie. "prometheus" being the first, in the trilogy leading up to the original 1979 "alien." out from the series i love and for an awesome forgot enage group, tweens, is "diary of a wimpy kid: the long haul." a heffley road trip to attend meemaw's 90th birthday party goes hilariously off course thanks to frank's scheme to go to a video convention. this has a different cast. alicia ailverstone and tom everett scott scar. tom everett scott plays frank heffley in the movie. this role was formerly held by steve zahn. steve zahn and scott starred together in the awesome 1996 "that thing you do." "and everything, everything," based on the book. a teenager who has lived a shelter life because she is allergic to everything, falls for the boy who moved in next door. number one at the box, "guardians of the galaxy vol.2" this. one is going to be tough to beat. i really feel like we've already seen the movie of the summer. following g two, is "snatched." i love amy schumer and goldie hawn. this kidnapping caper comedy did make me laugh out loud at times. but overall, it's just a strong okay. probably you've seen the best stuff in the previews. and debuting at number three, or should i say flopping in at number three, is "king arthur: legend of the sword." it's a rather weak release week for blu-ray "the space between us" is one of your choices, though. the first human born on mars travels to earth for the first time. experiencing the wonders of the planet through fresh eyes. he embarks on an adventure with a street smart girl to discover how he came to be. and the sato 48 short film festival season is behind us. it was a great time! put these dates on your calendar for 2018: april 13th. that's kick off night. april 14th and 15th, you can shoot your movie and complete it, turn it in. and all of the shorts will be screened at the moxie april 26th through the 29th. and finally, the award ceremony on may 17th. so no excuses. put it on your calendar! what movies are you excited about? i want to know what you're thinking. and i want to hear from you. i'll see you on facebook soon. find me via #boxofficebuzz. you know it. i have a pair of tickets for you to see a movie of your choice for free at the b & b theatres ozark/nixa 12. send us an e-mail. subject line, "box office buzz." send that to [email protected] we'll e-mail 'ya back if 'ya win! see 'ya next week! >> jeremy: oh. >> kelly: i want to sow see goldie hawn's movie. we were talking about all the great movies she's done. i love goldie hawn. >> jeremy: we were talking about goldie hawn. we googled her. and oh, my gosh, i had no idea her film repertoire was to amazing. >> joy: private benjamin is a great movie. i think the "alien" would be good. i thought "alien" was amazing. >> kelly: i never talk "alien." >> jeremy: i've never seen "alien." >> joy: what! what is the matter with you people. >> kelly: i

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