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# 1 Fashion Brands Actually Eyeing Bigger Pockets For The IPhone 6 Plus

By Clip Syndicate Samsung's mammoth Galaxy phones, Apple's phablet mega-sized phone is starting to look like the future of mobile tech. Gone are the days of casually stuffing a palm-sized phone in a pants pocket. For fashion, the opportunity is either a huge headache or a design opportunity. Some brands are considering what this could mean for the future of pants. ...Read More »

# 2 Windows 10 Aims To Blend Best Of 7 And 8

By Clip Syndicate Windows 9 was never meant to be. Microsoft revealed its next operating system will be called Windows 10 across all types of devices. Watch CNET Update for a quick overview of the updated interface. Windows 7 users should find it comforting

 ...Read More »

# 3 Apple’s OS X Yosemite Reaches GM Status, Nears Consumer Launch

By Clip Syndicate Apple’s OS X Yosemite operating system is arriving soon, and the fact that the developer preview just reached Golden Master status, alongside a 4th public beta preview update , means we probably don’t have long to wait. Last year, Apple released its Mavericks GM build about three weeks before it released the update to the Mac App Store for everyone to download, so Yosemite is on track for the mid-to-late October launch window many are predicting. ...Read More »

# 4 U.S. Attorney General Criticizes Apple, Google Data Encryption

By Clip Syndicate Joining a cry from law enforcement officials concerned about data encryption on Apple's newest operating system, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said on Tuesday that officers should not be blocked from the information they need to investigate a crime. Apple's new iPhone 6, released this month, and Google's coming update of the Android smartphone have data encryption so sophisticated that only the user may unlock it. Even law enforcement officers with search warrants would not have access. ...Read More »

# 5 Apple Gets Illegal Tax Rebates From Ireland, EU Says

By Clip Syndicate Ireland appears to be granting Apple illegal tax rebates that may have to be recouped, the European Union's competition watchdog said Tuesday as it pressed on with an inquiry into the iPhone maker's overseas tax practices. If the EU's preliminary finding is confirmed over the coming months, Apple could face a repayment bill worth billions of dollars because it funnels the bulk of its international sales through subsidiaries in Ireland, where it benefits from low, negotiated tax deals. ...Read More »

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