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Samsung Unveils Radiant Ads For Galaxy S5, Gear 2 And Gear Fit

04/16/14 Samsungs advertisements have traditionally been rooted in reality, showcasing new devices and slamming the competition, which is why the latest spots appear to come from out of left field. Posted on Tuesday, Samsungs new commercials are an imaginative, fantastical look at the just-launched lineup of devices: the Galaxy S5 , Gear 2 and Gear Fit . Split into five parts, the first ad focuses on the “seamless communication of the Gear 2, allowing users to quickly check messages and reminders without reaching into their pockets. ...Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Already Battling The IPhone 6

04/16/14 Samsungs strategy to deflect the Apple iPhone tsunami seems to be to compete for consumers with a relentless onslaught of marketing muscle and new products that constantly keep the Samsung brand front and center. The result has been the consolidation of the smart phone market in the eyes of consumers between Samsung and Apple. While Apple is still the reigning global phenomenon, Samsung continues to narrow the gap. ...Read More »

Google Fiber Is Rolling Out For Kansas City Businesses

04/16/14 Its been nearly a year and a half since Google switched on its 1Gbps internet and TV service in Kansas City. In that time, Google Fiber has been slowly rolling out to residential areas. For the most part, though, businesses have been left out of the rollup, except for the small businesses springing up in some residential Kansas City neighborhoods, such as those in the Kansas City Startup Village. Google spokesperson Jenna Wandres confirmed, “Were recruiting some local business owners in Kansas City to help us test a new Google Fiber small business service." ...Read More »
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HTC Allows Devs To Tap Into The Power Of The One's Duo Camera

04/16/14 The HTC One (M8) brought with it a load of new camera features, including its unique Duo Camera setup on its back side. Now, the handset maker is opening up the code that powers the pair in a SDK preview for third-party devs. This means that apps can be designed specifically for the M8's cameras with DualLens and DimensionPlus APIs baked right in. In other words, developers will get their hands on that bokeh-style refocusing and multi-angled shot selection in addition to depth maps from the pair of cameras. Of course, only time will tell how eager app makers are to latch on to HTC's smartphone snapshooting tricks, but at least now they'll have the necessary tools to do so. ...Read More »

Project Tango And What Makes Googles New 3D-sensing Android Phone Tick

04/16/14 Project Tango is a new Google initiative that aims to bring 3D-sensing to mobile devices. The technology could allow people to use devices for mapping areas around an individual, especially indoors, for navigation, gaming and other purposes. While Google did not reveal any specs and features for the Project Tango handset, mentioning only its cameras-based 3D-sensing capabilities, iFixit managed to confirm its hardware. The phone packs a 5-inch LCD display, 2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, 64GB of memory, microSD support, 4-megapixel rear RGB/IR camera, fisheye rear-facing camera, front-facing camera and 3000mAh battery. ...Read More »

German Researchers Crack Samsung's Fingerprint Scanner

04/16/14 German researchers have used a fake fingerprint made from glue to bypass the fingerprint security system on Samsung's new Galaxy S5 smartphone. ...Read More »

Beware, Phone Thieves: The Smartphone kill-switch Is Coming

04/16/14 The five largest U.S. wireless carriers and many smartphone makers on Tuesday announced they have agreed to include “kill-switch technology in all smartphone models released after July 2015, Re/code reports, in a move that should help decrease smartphone thefts and further protect customer data.The companies have agreed to include software features in upcoming models that will allow users to remotely wipe their data and render the devices inoperable once theyre lost or stolen. ...Read More »

Internal Samsung Document: We Need To Beat Apple To Survive

04/16/14 The second U.S. Apple vs Samsung patent trial marches on, with the South Korean giant now making its case in the San Jose, California, court. Samsungs counsel has already called up several witnesses who testified that the company has not been influenced in any way by Apple or the iPhone. However, internal Samsung documents that have been called into evidence by Apples attorneys tell a different story. While Samsung Americas former CEO Dale Sohn took the stand, internal presentations and emails were uncovered, revealing Samsungs concerns with its main competitor. In a presentation from April 2012, Sohn wrote that “beating Apple is no longer merely an objective. It is our survival strategy.” ...Read More »

Images Of Rumored Amazon Smartphone Leaked

04/15/14 BGR has leaked images of what could be Amazon's smartphone. The outlet's been right about Amazon leaks before. Sources expect an announcement in June. ...Read More »

Smartphone Makers, Carriers Embrace Anti-theft Initiative

04/15/14 Major U.S. wireless carriers and smartphone makers have agreed to introduce tools to enable users to lock their devices and wipe them clean of data if stolen, responding to pressure on the telecommunications industry to do more to stem theft. Starting in July 2015, all smartphones manufactured by the companies will come with free anti-theft tools preloaded on the devices or ready to be downloaded, according to wireless association CTIA, which announced the agreement on Tuesday. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and San Francisco District Attorney, George Gascon welcomed the voluntary agreement but said it fell short of what they have advocated to prevent theft. ...Read More »

UnifyVoice: Will Wearable Technology Be The Next Office Tool?

04/15/14 There was little argument among the experts in Las Vegas this past January about who – or rather what – was the scene-stealer at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. It was all about the wearables. Wearable computers include a variety of devices, from eyewear such as Google Glass to smart watches such as the Samsung Gear. ...Read More »


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