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Health Tips for Your Planned Trip to the Middle East or the Far East By Bruce Merchant, M.D. Over the past several months we have been bombarded with newscast alarms about Ebola and, more recently, about MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). A few years ago there were similar alarms about SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) All of these diseases are highly fatal. And here are no vaccines to protect you from any of them. Could these fearsome viral diseases impact your travel plans? ...Read More »
Content Insider #340 - The Traders By Miles Weston You know there are people out there in the virtual world that think the Internet and Web were designed, developed, launched just so they could communicate with anyone who would listen...you know share information, ideas, pictures, videos. Poor niave boys/girls. Everyone knows it was put there by some awesome being just so marketing/communications guys/gals could pitch you, entice you with special offers that you couldn't possibly refuse to buy their stuff. Sometimes they forget they're a guest and that makes it tough on all of us. ...Read More »
What Is The Minimum Gear Necessary To Start Out In Video Production? By David Hague I am often asked what is the minimum gear necessary to start out in video as a serious hobby. Obviously a video camera is required and as to which one, that could be an essay all by itself, but in as much of a nutshell as I can make it, for the long term it is best if you get one that has a bundle of manual controls as well as being fully automatic (for when you start out). ...Read More »
iPhone Tip # 10 - Do Not Disturb! By Shirley Craig, Rev Up Transmedia The new Do Not Disturb feature on the iPhone allows you to be very selective about what calls you want to receive and what calls you don't. This is ideal if you're looking for peace and quiet after business hours or, if during the evening or night, you don't want to miss an urgent call, but you just don't want to talk to everyone ...Read More »
iPhone Tip #9 - Customize Your Music Controls By Shirley Craig, Rev Up Transmedia How do you like to sort your music? Some people prefer to do it by playlist, others by artist or albums. There are seven ways to organize your music by Playlist, Artist, Songs, Albums, Compilations, Composers and Genres. Plus access your audio controls at anytime! ...Read More »
iPhone Tip # 8 - Scrolling Back To The Top By Shirley Craig, Rev Up Transmedia Often when you are scrolling through especially long web pages on your iPhone, it would be good to have a really easy way to flip back up to the top address bar. Every wish that? Well, with one single tap you can. Here's how. ...Read More »
iPhone Tip #7 - Weather At Your Fingertips By Shirley Craig, Rev Up Transmedia The weather around a lot of the country these past few weeks has been really awful, so we thought we'd make sure you know about a hidden feature in the Weather App on your iPhone. When you open the weather App, it gives you your Local Weather and then, of course, you can add as many cities as you would like, by tapping on the "i" button at the bottom right hand of your phone. ...Read More »
iPhone Tip #6 - Extra Keyboards By Shirley Craig, Rev Up Transmedia Are you one of those people who likes to add emoticons to your email and text messages? Or you've seen it and wondered how people do that? If so, did you know there is an entire keyboard which is dedicated to emoji which you can enable and access instantly while texting conversations, etc? Here's how to do it. ...Read More »
iPhone Tip #5 - Easy Email Tricks and Features By Shirley Craig, Rev Up Transmedia Are you the type of person who writes a lot of draft emails but has trouble finding them? You like to check for new mail but don't want to push a button to do so? Want to add an image within an email on your iPhone? Read on! ...Read More »
Creating iPhone Text MSG Shortcuts! By Shirley Craig, Rev Up Transmedia Sometimes when texting you find that you will often type the same common phrase or a long URL, and writing it over and over each time can be tiresome. Well did you know, that you can actually create keyboard shortcuts that will represent those phrases or other combinations of key strokes? It's a really handy trick that you'll find you'll have lots of uses for. Here's how you do it! ...Read More »

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